is inevitable. Nominally the freight is borne by the other party, but in actual operation it is a package price, for example, the price of the product will increase by a certain percentage.

The specifics must be determined based on the actual situation. The freight charges for fighting and not fighting with the Skull and Bones Society must not be the same standard.
In these aspects, nobles are usually more particular. In all the business that Hudson does, everyone only talks about the general idea, and the specific details all rely on consciousness.
There has never been any trouble, and even the most stingy nobles rarely play tricks in these aspects.
Of course, this has something to do with the fact that Hudson, the second team, is too strong. Monopoly sellers can always gain more say in transactions.
Hudson restrained his inner greed and did not take advantage of the opportunity to exploit him, which was also the reason why these transactions were able to proceed smoothly.
If you meet someone you know well, you will inevitably be given a preferential price. Hudson also spent a lot of money on maintaining personal relationships.
“Tom, send someone to deliver these letters separately. By the way, make an appointment with Baron Catley, and let’s go hunting in the mountains together tomorrow!”
/Transport Brigade Hudson is only prepared to send out a hundred elite soldiers, and the rest will be all private soldiers hired by nobles. It’s just a matter of money, and not all knights are as expensive as the appearance fee of his “Knight of the Divine Bow”.
“Yes, sir!”
Maple Leaf Collar, as a good neighbor, Baron Kettle, after receiving the invitation, couldn’t help but exclaimed:
“Are you kidding me, your master invites me to go hunting tomorrow?
It’s not unusual for nobles to hunt together, but that’s all done by reservation in advance.
We will set off tomorrow and will only notify you tonight. This kind of temporary invitation cannot be said to be non-existent, but it will only happen between nobles with good relationships.
If the relationship is not in place, it would be embarrassing if someone rejects the invitation simply because they have no time to do so.
After counting all the interactions between myself and Hudson, none of them were comfortable, let alone friendship.
/What kind of misunderstanding can make the other party think that we have a good relationship?
Baron Kettle was very confused.
“Yes, the noble Baron Kettle. My master said that you will definitely attend, otherwise you will definitely regret it in the future.”
The original text paraphrased by the messenger made Baron Kettle more and more confused. Isn’t it just a hunt? If you don’t participate, you will regret it. It will be as if something really happened.
It was certain that the soldier who delivered the message knew nothing about it, so Ketley didn’t bother to waste time on him and sent him away directly.
“Uncle Holman, do you think that profiteer from Hudson is planning something bad this time? You can’t invite me to hunt toget