ovie or the exclamations of concern at the scene, the screen suddenly went black!

In the cinema.
The audience’s hearts beat wildly!
“Depend on!”
“Scared me!”
“That woman’s head has fallen off!”
“With such great power, my head must have fallen off!”
“What’s going on? Why did this company suddenly become a disaster scene?”
“It must be related to the broken blue potion!”
“This umbrella company specializes in genetic and biochemical research. The broken blue agent should represent the leakage of the virus!”
“The camera means that someone is watching all this silently. This person doesn’t want the virus to be leaked, so he sealed the entire area and directly kills everyone inside?”
“This movie is kind of interesting.”
“That laboratory looks very high-end. It’s not like some movies. It’s a top technology company. But in the end, the most important laboratory has no technological content at all.”
Swish, swish, swish!
The audience’s attention was captured almost instantly!
at the same time.
Tu Zheng raised his eyebrows and said, “A very successful suspenseful start.”
Jia Haoren nodded: “The scary atmosphere is very well portrayed. When the woman’s head was exposed outside the elevator, it instantly captured the fearful psychology of all the audience, because everyone knows that in terms of conventional routines, there must be big problems in the elevator, but even if the routine is , it still has that strong sense of horror.”
The movie throws up several mysteries at the beginning!
What on earth is that broken blue potion?
Why did the company suffer a disaster as soon as the blue potion was broken?
Is there anyone controlling all this?
At this time.
The movie screen changed.
In the white bathtub, a woman with a good figure but no hair woke up, with a curtain covering her important parts.
this moment.
The audience complained:
Photographer, your drumstick is gone!
This character is the heroine played by Xia Fan.
After she woke up, she vaguely remembered that she suddenly fell into coma while taking a shower.
Putting on the red dress, she walked out of the room.
Suddenly a man appeared and quickly pulled her away.
As she subconsciously exclaimed, someone threw a flashbang from the window.
next moment.
The music gets exciting!
A group of armed men with live ammunition entered!
The man was controlled, and the leader of the armed men stared at the heroine in red, and spoke in the howling night wind:
“Report to me!”
The woman was confused: “What?”
The armed leader spoke in a low, hoarse male voice: “I want your report. What happened here?”
The woman said: “I don’t understand what you are talking about.”
/At this time, the armed man next to him said: “Sir, after investigation, the main defense system of this institute has been activated, and she may still be under the influence of side effects.”
“Take them with you.”
“Enter the Institute.”
The armed leader took off his mask and gave the order.
Everyone entered the elevator.
However, what no one expected was:
After the tram