less night!

Some people stayed up all night listening to “Blue and White Porcelain”.
Lin Yuan slept soundly until dawn.
get up.
Wash up.
brush teeth.
Lin Yuan went downstairs to have breakfast and heard a song playing downstairs:
“The white and blue koi leap out at the bottom of the bowl. I’m copying the Song-style inscription, but I’m thinking of you. The secret you’ve hidden in the kiln for thousands of years is as delicate as an embroidery needle falling to the ground.”
Mom said: “”Blue and White Porcelain” is so nice.”
/My sister looked at Lin Yuan: “I’ll reward you with one more egg.”
My sister thought for a moment: “The yolk is yours.”
Antarctica drooled with envy.
When the driver came to pick up Lin Yuan, this song was also playing in the car:
“In splash-ink landscape paintings, you are hidden from the depth of ink.”
Even arriving at the company.
Passing by some departments, Lin Yuan could still hear this song.
This song “Blue and White Porcelain” is popular all over the country!
And when Lin Yuan went online, what he saw was also a lot of discussion about “Blue and White Porcelain”!
I had written a song for Fei Yang during the War of the Gods the year before last, but met the lyricist Neon Wu who came out of “May I Live Longer”. He posted a long comment about this song on Xingkong.com:
“The most beautiful thing is “Blue and White Porcelain”.”
This is Neon Dance’s title for the long review:
“In terms of artistic conception, “Blue and White Porcelain” is like an ink painting of the misty and rainy Jiangnan. Between the budding water and clouds, you can vaguely see the beauty’s white clothes and skirts flying;
In terms of words and sentences, “Blue and White Porcelain” is a simple note written by the window with a graceful pen and the twists and turns of the writing are just because the heart is like a double mesh with thousands of knots in it;
In terms of tune, “Blue and White Porcelain” is like a mountain spring and stream flowing quietly on the rocks in the breeze. It is cool and translucent, yet winding and full of endless meanings.
The three are superimposed, and the song “Blue and White Porcelain” is just as its name suggests.
Just like the top quality celadon that ‘takes care of its own beauty’, it is clean and elegant, simple and elegant, fresh and smooth. When the guzheng is played, the teeth are crisp and the pipa is tinkling.
When searching for information, I came across a legend.
It is said that the azure glaze color can only be burned when the air is moist and the heat is suitable, so you have to wait for the arrival of misty and rainy days to have a chance of successful firing. The chorus of this lyrics should be based on this legend. It is really beautiful. It’s so beautiful that I no longer need to be demanding about the authenticity of the legend.
But the beauty of the song doesn’t stop here.
The following paragraph, about the first encounter with Sanji, is even more amazing. This sentence has been appreciated by countless lyricists since this morni