n Yuan reappeared on the stage.

Countless exclamations suddenly erupted from all four sides, accompanied by bursts of laughter.
“What kind of outfit is this?”
“New designs from the stylist?”
“A white shirt and black cropped pants are fine. White gloves and a black dress are also pretty cool. The key is why wear black leather shoes with white socks?”
“Full of dissonance!”
“The stylist’s drumstick is gone!”
“Hey, am I the only one who thinks Fish Daddy is handsome?”
“You don’t need to tell me that Fish Daddy looks handsome no matter what he wears!”
“Although white socks and black leather shoes really don’t match, they can’t stand up to Yu Daddy’s looks and figure!”
The clothes Lin Yuan put on at this moment were very strange. No one knew why Xianyu changed into this clothes.
audience discussion.
Xia Fan, who had not yet left the stage, smiled at Lin Yuan and said, “Everyone just said that “Three Days and Three Nights” was very suitable for the occasion, but before I went on stage, Jian Yi said that the song was not suitable for the occasion.”
Jian Yi is at a loss.
When did I say this?
“for example?”
Lin Yuan on the stage was curious.
“For example, the lyrics say that you have been dancing for three days and three nights, but you didn’t dance at all, all the backup dancers did.”
Xia Fan blinked at Lin Yuan:
“Looking at you wearing a headset now, it’s very convenient to dance. I don’t ask you to dance for three days and three nights. Just dancing for a few minutes is not too much, right?”
This is why Xia Fan hasn’t stepped down yet.
This was Tong Shuwen’s prompt. He asked Xia Fan to stay on the stage and interact with Xianyu, to stimulate the atmosphere of the scene and lead to the next round of performances.
The audience below immediately booed!
“Jump one!”
Xia Fan heard the audience’s shouts and began to set the rhythm: “Dance!”
Front row.
Jian Yi was happy: “Although I didn’t say this, he must dance for everyone!”
Sun Yaohuo and others joined in one after another, and eventually even Zheng Jing and other composers started to make noises.
In the end, the whole audience shouted in unison: “Dance one!!!”
“Can you dance?”
Xia Fan said with a smile.
Lin Yuan thought for a moment and said, “I know a little bit.”
Xia Fan smiled towards the audience and said, “I can only help you so far.”
She waved and walked off the stage.
“Xia Fan Niubi!”
“Father Fish agreed?”
“Do you really want to dance?”
“Yu Daddy doesn’t seem to know how to dance. He skipped once when singing “Dalabengba” in the variety show. It can be seen that he really can’t dance.”
“Hahaha, I also watched a dance video of Daddy Yu, which was circulated within Xingguang.”
“I’ve seen it too!”
“How about it?”
“He’s so handsome that he’s eye-catching.”
“Are you talking about the video of Same Hands and Same Feet? The dance teacher was dumbfounded at the time!”
“Then Fish Daddy still says he’s good at it?”
“A little bit means that I really only know a little bit.”