the group, Sun Yaohuo smiled bitterly and confessed directly, because he couldn’t hide it: “This game is indeed made by juniors. I am responsible for setting up the company. Everyone, keep a low profile. Juniors don’t like publicity.”

After receiving the confirmation, everyone was confused!
This is really a game designed by Teacher Xianyu!
The next moment, messages in the group popped up!
“Why are you so low-key? This game is making a lot of money!”
“You, Sun Yaohuo, are a first-line singer after all, and it’s not like everyone doesn’t know you!”
“Even if it is Teacher Xianyu’s real name, many people know it in reality. In recent years, Teacher Xianyu always has to use his real name to contact the outside world.”
“We can’t control it at all. A lot of information on the Internet is transparent.”
“Let’s not talk about whether the news can be concealed or not. Teacher Xianyu is so awesome. He can even design games!”
“Kneel down to Teacher Xianyu!”
“Good guy, now even if you tell me that Mr. Xianyu can fly a plane, I won’t be surprised!”
The group was shocked!
The opinions of everyone in the Yu Dynasty were quickly verified!
This speed is even faster than everyone imagined!
Because the information on the Internet is indeed very transparent, especially company information, it is easy to check, including key information such as the company’s legal person and the amount of capital investment. However, “Plants vs. Zombies” is still so popular right now.
Just that night.
A screenshot of similar information was also dumped by a netizen!
Title: “Shocked!” Do you know who designed those plants and zombies? 》
Who designed it?
Making it so mysterious?
Could it be a big shot in the gaming industry?
/This post attracted the attention of some people. Some netizens curiously clicked on the post and saw the content inside:
/“Lin Yuan is Xianyu, Xianyu is the designer of “Plants vs. Zombies”, and the apparent boss of the game company is Sun Yaohuo, the first-line singer of Yu Dynasty.”
My jaw dropped!
After reading it, many people were stunned!
People’s eyes widened with disbelief on their faces. Then they recovered and quickly forwarded the message to spread the news!
After the news spread widely, this discussion is no longer limited to the game forum:
“I saw that right!”
“This game was actually designed by Teacher Xianyu?”
“Teacher Xianyu’s real name is Lin Yuan?”
“I thought Xianyu was Daddy Yu’s real name!”
“The company founded by Sun Yaohuo?”
“No wonder the zombies in it can moonwalk, and no wonder the background music of the game is composed by Xianyu. It turns out it’s not because the game company asked Daddy Yu to cooperate, but because this game was originally written by Daddy Fish!?”
“Father Fish actually knows how to design games!”
“Yu Daddy is pretty awesome for a musician to be able to make movies, but I didn’t expect him to even know how to play games!”
“I never expected that the game I played for two days was actually designed by my fish daddy!”
“Have you confirmed