to the development team, as well as the players who log in to the game, are all within the scope of the investigation.

The initial investigation soon yielded results. The game’s operation team was hired from outside and knew nothing about the boss from top to bottom. The development team was even more outrageous. They didn’t know where the program backdoor was.
/From the servers to the maintenance staff, everyone seemed to be in a daze. They didn’t know what they were doing. They clocked in to work every day and got off work at the same time, but they didn’t realize that they were abnormal. It was like being collectively hypnotized.
The Virtual Investigation Department once tried to remove the game, but the platform did not have permission. [Kyushu Continent] took root like a virus. Even if the terminal entrance was abandoned, there were still players who were mentally connected and directly entered the game interface.
The Virtual Investigation Department conducted many tests on [Kyushu Continent] and finally concluded that it cannot be deleted and removed from the shelves. This game has a continuous and uninterruptible impact on the world.
Fantasy invasion?
No, if the world on the other side is illusory, everything would be okay, but various evidences show that Jiuzhou Continent is a real world.
Yaoshou, that is a world where immortality can lead to immortality and the order of heaven exists.
Who created this game that connects two incompatible worlds?
It’s not as if it’s incompatible. At least the Xianxia element has a large base audience in Longxia Kingdom. In comparison, it is easier to accept the game settings than those countries influenced by Western culture.
Good news: Our spiritual energy is the fastest to recover, and none of them can catch up.
/Bad news: Our spiritual energy is the fastest to recover, and none of them can catch up.
The Virtual Investigation Department has been under great pressure this year, and today it has reached a critical point that overwhelms everyone.
In the conference room.
The man codenamed “Lao Wang” is listening to the report of the technical staff. The projection screen in front of him is divided into nine grids. The exit window is densely packed with drop-down columns.
These pictures are either surveillance or players trained by the Virtual Investigation Department themselves. There are also some cats, dogs, even ligers, beasts of prey, vegetation and insects, all of which are observed samples.
“No need to read, tell me directly, how is the result of this change compared with last time?”
“Minister, the results of this change have not yet appeared. We can only say that there are changes in the world of immortal cultivation in the Nine Provinces Continent first, and then Blue Star will be affected. The two sides are not synchronized, and there is a certain delay here.”
“Is there a delay in the player’s network connection?”
“You can say that.”
Lao Wang was silent for a while: “Where is the analysis report? How will the predictions change?”
“Beasts are born w