s Hongmeng attainments are indeed unfathomable and profound. You can do things that others cannot. You are a little better than me.”

Xu Ying exclaimed, “But what a coincidence, I also cultivated Hongmeng Immortality!”
He suddenly activated the Hongmeng Cave Abyss and fixed the geographical changes in the surrounding mountains and rivers. He continued to walk forward and said with a smile, “I don’t need to be deeper than you. I only need to be a little weaker than you to fix your Hongmeng.” Variety.”
When he just said this, the causal line in front of him trembled slightly, as if the other end of the causal line was connected to some terrible existence, which was offended by his words.
“Yingzi, be open-minded!”
The big bell and the Zhuxian Sword were hiding in the martial arts cave, listening to Xu Ying’s voice outside, and couldn’t help but secretly sweat for him.
Dazhong shouted: “Hongmeng is not the strongest avenue, open-mindedness is! Yingzi, don’t show off!”
Xu Ying turned a deaf ear and said with a smile: “Your Excellency is able to avoid being chased by the Chaos Oath. It is remarkable. However, the bell in the Chaos must still be chasing you, right? So it scared you to the point where you have been hiding in the vast mist, not daring to show up. body.”
Suddenly, a powerful and boundless aura came from the depths of Hongmeng, like an extremely majestic giant stretching its body, and a vast and profound spiritual consciousness surged, causing the surrounding frozen mountains and rivers to change again.
/The big bell trembled.
“Chaos restrains Hongmeng, but Hongmeng can open up the world and create chaos. Therefore, it can be said that Hongmeng also restrains chaos.”
The divine consciousness said lightly, “My survival depends entirely on this. However, your Hongmeng is only superficial, and you have never understood the opening and transformation of Hongmeng. You cannot suppress my Hongmeng changes at all.”
Xu Ying also knew that his Hongmeng attainments were 99% low, so he didn’t take it seriously. However, the Master of Divine Consciousness allowed Hongmeng to continuously evolve into ten thousand ways and all things, which really made his eyes light up.
He observed these scenes, which reflected his own attainments of the Grand Meng. Various principles became self-evident, and all kinds of Grand Meng supernatural powers were at his will and at his ease.
Xu Ying walked forward and said calmly: “Brother Dao noticed that I was looking through the past and tied the cause and effect to me. What is your intention? You should give me an explanation.”
“Why should I explain it to you?”
The sound rumbled and vibrated, and the world around Xu Ying was suddenly annihilated in pieces, turning into the energy of the grand mist, with a terrifying momentum!
Xu Ying snorted coldly, and quietly activated the big bell in the martial arts cave, activating the big bell. However, a loud sound came from his body, and suddenly the Hongmeng Purple Qi surging around him continued to annihilate, turning into