atisfaction with Chu Kuang?”

“After all, it was Chu Kuang’s arrangement for the Monkey to Go to the West. Journey to the West was a tragedy, and Xianyu gave Truman a perfect ending.”
When Lin Yuan went home and went online, he was stunned when he saw this group of so-called experts discussing.
Forget it when it comes to “The Tuner”.
Why are these people still talking about “The Legend of Wukong”?
Don’t you know that when “The Legend of Monkey King” was released, the movie had already been filmed?
Truman is equal to Sun Wukong!
But don’t say it yet
If you really follow the logic of these people, what they say seems to make sense?
If Lin Yuan was not the party involved, maybe he would still believe it.
The next few days.
The movie “The Truman Show” continues to be popular, and its box office performance is also quite gratifying. Various discussions and interpretations have emerged after the audience watched the movie.
Lin Yuan did not pay too much attention.
For him, the performance of the movie after its release is a matter for the audience. Whether they like it or not, the movie is finished anyway.
And in an office of Xingmang Entertainment.
Assistant Gu Dongzheng said to Lin Yuan: “Representative Lin, another media wants to interview you.”
“Push it.”
Lin Yuan habitually refused.
In fact, everyone in the circle knows that Lin Yuan never accepts interviews from reporters.
But over the years, the media has never given up its invitation to interview Lin Yuan.
Gu Dong has long been used to it: “There is another thing I want to tell you. The company wants to help you organize a concert. I wonder what Representative Lin thinks?”
Lin Yuan was stunned.
Gu Dong tentatively said: “Ever since you showed off your singing skills in “The King of Masked Singer”, fans on the Internet have been hoping that you can hold a concert. After all, you have too little communication with your fans, so the company asked me to I’m asking for your opinion. In fact, I personally think we can consider it.”
Lin Yuan said nothing.
Concerts must be very hard, right?
However, it has indeed been a long time since I sang on stage.
The last time I sang was on the stage of “Our Song”, I sang in place of Fei Yang, and I was very happy singing.
“Okay, let’s do it.”
Lin Yuan thought for a while and replied.
“You agreed?”
Gu Dong was overjoyed for a moment!
My own representative, Lin, doesn’t like to be in the public eye, otherwise he wouldn’t have turned down countless interviews over the past few years.
It’s a miracle that he agreed to hold a concert!
Lin Yuan nodded.
Although he naturally hates troublesome things, Lin Yuan’s love for singing is ingrained in his bones.
After not singing for a long time, he also felt a little itchy.
/As for the concert, you can sing to your heart’s content all at once.
So Lin Yuan agreed.
This was something he was interested in doing.
“Then I’ll let the company prepare!”
Gu Dong trotted out of the office as if he was afraid that Lin Yuan would regret it.