eatures older than some of the old holy cities, and are the founders of the legendary Silkworm Sutra of Cause and Effect and the Cicada Sutra of Destiny.

Touching both ancient and modern times.
Wang Xuan’s expression changed completely. The background of these two monsters was too great.
/The eyes of Gu and Jin suddenly became profound, and they used all their strength to explore further.
After a long time, it spoke solemnly: “Look carefully, they still have some vague marks. Well, if you go back in time to the end, you can still see broken threads. They have other origins, and there is a big problem.”
Wang Xuan had already opened his spiritual eyes, triggered his supernatural senses, and stared at the bubbles that had been traced back through the supreme means of ancient and modern times. In the vortex of time, some truths made him tremble.
His expression suddenly changed!
Gujindao: “The Karma Silkworm and the Destiny Cicada are different, but precisely because of this, they have revealed their roots, which will subvert the transcendent world’s inherent understanding of Yuan Sheng’s artifacts!”
“Where is the reincarnation? There is another source.” Gu Jin said.
In the vortex of time that he traced back with all his strength, there were broken threads on the causal silkworm, sending out ripples toward the unknown void, as if sending a message.
“I don’t know this, I don’t realize it at all.” The causal silkworm panicked. It had practiced the Sutra of Cause and Effect, but as a result, it itself was entangled with unknown great cause and effect?
At this moment, it was frightened, slightly frightened, and couldn’t help but think of Chen Mu.
In this comparison, the two of them are somewhat similar.
Chen Mu, who was practicing the Silkworm Sutra of Cause and Effect, thought he had escaped, but when he looked back, he realized that his past body had never been able to escape from the web of cause and effect, and his rotten body was slowly dying in the net.
Now the causal silkworm looks at itself, and it is also trapped in a certain network.
On the other side, the Cicada of Destiny was also hairy, staring at the vortex of time. The truth traced back to the end showed that it also had broken wires, and it was also sending ripple signals to the unknown deep space.
“I’m the Cicada of Destiny, but I can’t escape from the fate of fate? It’s so ironic, it’s a little untrue!” It also became numb.
“There is a profound meaning in this. If you think about it carefully, it will make people shudder.” Wang Xuan said.
This incident can subvert the original understanding of the supernatural world.
Wang Xuan’s spiritual eye saw some fragments of the old scene. The broken threads on the two holy insects were indeed sending tiny ripples to the end of the deep space.
“Could it be a mechanical creature?” He stared at the two holy insects.
“No, that is the signal sent by the resurrection of the soul’s potential at the deepest level.” Gujin said.
He did not stop there, but became more and more serious, preparing to explore f