o more money.” Klein was stunned for a moment, and then made various associations, wondering whether Reinette Tinichole, who was accustomed to taking gold coins from non-contractors, took the initiative to ask for the postage.

Maybe the messenger lady didn’t say anything, and just looked at Leonard with four heads and eight eyes at the same time, waiting for him to pay the gold coins. In the end, this guy couldn’t understand it at all, and tried to end the summons forcibly, but his neck was pinched by Klein hissingly. He made a sound and took advantage of the situation to do a divination with the gold coin he just took out, and got the result that Leonard Mitchell was alive and well.
He breathed a sigh of relief, put away the gold coins, and shouted to the door:
The door to the semi-open room opened back without making any sound, and his valet Richardson walked in quickly and asked respectfully:
“Sir, how can I help you?”
“Please come over, Mr. Butler.” Klein ordered while sighing in his heart. He was really corrupted by the extravagant life. Even if he wanted to find someone at home, he would not move even half a step and had to use a personal servant to do it.
Well, this is the need for acting, he said to himself silently.
/A few minutes later, Walter, wearing white gloves, went up to the third floor, lowered his arms naturally, and stood in front of Dwayne Dantès in a standard posture, waiting for his employer to speak.
Klein had already carefully considered his words and said unhurriedly:
“Go to Congressman Macht’s house and tell him that I have prepared the upfront payment.
“Also, prepare the carriage. I will go to the Charity Bursary Fund in the morning and return at noon.
“If Senator Macht doesn’t ask me to set aside time in the afternoon, then you go over to Dr. Alan Kress’s house and say I’ll make a visit in the afternoon.”
Klein had previously withdrawn 10,000 pounds in cash from Above the Gray Mist, put it into a small suitcase, and was waiting for the right time to complete the preliminary work of the arms deal.
In order to dissipate the smell of gray fog on the banknotes, he deliberately “teleported” to the sea and fed the “creeping hunger”. He was afraid that Amon, who knew the existence of gray fog, could “smell” it in the same city. That specific taste, or the location of the treasure you desire.
“Okay, sir.” Walter, the butler, did not ask where his employer raised the upfront funds. In his impression, Dwayne Dantès had hardly been to the bank during this period.
Of course, this is not a problem that people care too much about. Many wealthy people who come to Backlund from other places, especially from Disi Bay and Jianhai County, always prepare a large amount of cash in advance and put it in a box.
No. 22 Persfield Street, the headquarters of the “Luen Charitable Student Fund”.
Klein passed through the door, entered inside, went up to the second floor, and found the reception room provided for the directors.
/As an honorary director who only occasionally participat