g of Nets” is definitely chain-linking. The success of this novel proves that sports and competitive novels can also become popular.

This is a start!
In the future, there will inevitably be a large number of sports and competitive novels on the market, and Chu Kuang may become the face of Qinzhou’s competitive novels!
Supernova is a large-scale essay solicitation, and Yinlan Bookstore is also one of the top old publishing houses in Qinzhou, so many peers in the industry are staring at the results of their essay solicitation this time.
“This generation of supernovas seems to have gone far away.”
“Supernova has five books, four of which have a rating of no more than five. The only novel with a high reputation is called “Net King”, but the chosen subject matter is too niche, and the sales volume will definitely not be much better.”
“The Silver Blue Library also has today.”
/“Supernova collapsed. This is a big blow to Supernova’s brand. This year’s wave is too hurt. The number of submissions to Supernova next year should be reduced.”
There is a discussion in the publishing industry that colleagues in any field are enemies, so Yinlan Bookstore’s competitors are somewhat gloating about their misfortune.
Dingsheng Publishing House.
/This is a publishing company comparable in size to Silver Blue Bookstore.
The editor-in-chief of Dingsheng felt very happy when he saw that the Supernova of Silver Blue Bookstore was not performing well. He even made a phone call to the person in charge of a chain bookstore: “Isn’t the Supernova not selling well this time?”
“I’ve been worried about this lately.”
The person in charge of the chain bookstore opposite seemed a little worried.
Dingsheng’s editor-in-chief was even happier, but he certainly couldn’t show it and pretended to be sympathetic: “The market environment is not good now, so don’t worry too much.”
“you misunderstood.”
The other person explained: “The sales of “The King of Nets” are very good. What worries me recently is that this book is seriously out of stock. Many customers come to the bookstore to request to buy this book, but all the goods I have are sold out.”
The editor-in-chief of Dingsheng was stunned for a moment: “What?”
Chief Editor of Dingsheng:
The other person is still saying: “There is a blank market for sports and competitive novels. I suggest that your publishing house also pays more attention to this subject. Isn’t your market the most fond of following the trend? If the market for otherworldly adventures is good, there will be a lot of people writing about otherworldly adventures. Now sports There is a market for competition, let everyone follow suit!”
Bookstores only care about whether the books sell well.
They don’t care much about anything else.
The editor-in-chief of Dingsheng said blankly: “Okay”
After hanging up the phone, he was silent for a long time, then suddenly opened the editorial department group and sent a message: “All the editors in the youth fantasy department must finish reading “The King of the Web” tonight.”