un like the one in her great-grandmother’s photo, put on a similar makeup, and walked out of the bedroom on high heels.

Qin Yanan was stunned for a moment when he saw him, and then showed that kind of gentle and warm smile. The jade-like man in the living room made Qin Yanan couldn’t help but think that Ye Sijin was probably treated like his brother countless times by him. Look at it with fondness.
“Tonight, you are Ye Sijin.”
After Liu Changan finished speaking, he walked out of the room. He didn’t change clothes or even put on shoes. He walked barefoot to the viewing platform of Lushan Mountain.
Qin Yanan followed up in small steps. Cheongsam and high heels were not suitable for chasing. Qin Yanan came behind him and put her hands in front of her abdomen. She asked Ye Sijin tonight, what does this mean?
“Zhu Juntang asked me how I ended up on the roof of Building 1 of Baolong Center. Later I told her that I jumped up from Building 2.” Liu Changan did not lie to Zhu Juntang about this matter.
“So high, so far.” Qin Yanan looked at Liu Changan in disbelief. She didn’t know how many times she had stood on the roof of Building 1 of Baolong Center. Of course she knew that Building 1 was 452 meters away, while Building 2 was only 315 meters away. Not to mention the distance between the buildings, it’s just this high. To jump up, even Spider-Man would have to rely on spider silk!
“My ability seems to be related to the civilization period, and I can also evolve at the beginning of the last century. I don’t have as strong an ability as I do now.” Liu Changan opened his arms after speaking, “Jin’er, come here.”
Qin Yanan was a little resistant to this title, but it quickly dissipated.
Qin Yanan walked to Liu Changan.
Qin Yanan raised her hands to cover her mouth and let out a low cry. Her whole body became stiff because Liu Changan hugged her sideways.
His arms were strong, but his body of more than 100 kilograms felt as light as a bird in his arms. Qin Yanan’s heart was beating fast in the warm breath in his arms.
Suddenly, Qin Yanan felt him jump.
What is he doing?
I jumped up, but why didn’t I feel the landing?
Qin Yanan couldn’t help but open his eyes. The Milky Way above his head seemed to suddenly become closer, and the trees disappeared from the corner of his eye.
He rises from the ground!
/He jumped into the air, a height that humans could never reach with their own physiological structure.
This is the domain of birds and insects.
“You” Qin Yanan didn’t finish her sentence. She only felt his body falling, and couldn’t help shouting in fear, because she had already seen her height clearly. Lushan Mountain was dozens of meters below her feet, and now they were jumping along the slope of the hillside. Go down.
Liu Changan jumped to the computer room at the top of the cable car not far away.
Qin Yanan’s heart was beating like a drum. It was definitely not the shyness and nervousness of being held in his arms at this time, but the effect of her pale face.
“Jin’er, this is a cable car. Does it