course he knew that he could not provide assistance to Lu Bei in terms of force, but he had the brains and the strength with many people. He accompanied him to Xianzhou, and he could mobilize the power of Xuanyin Division to assist him. Lu Bei is successful.

Lest Lu Bei not know the importance and really force the Xiwang Mansion to rebel.
At that time, the emperor would certainly be happy, but due to pressure from the clan, their official positions as Purple Guards would come to an end.
If you lose your official position, how will you make money in the future?
Hu San hummed and spoke in a low language, and wrote another letter of incrimination, pressing Zhu Qiming’s fingerprints. The latter refused to obey, and because his soul was severely damaged, he could only watch as he “personally” confessed to the West Prince’s Mansion for treason.
“By the way, we don’t need any incriminating evidence such as the imperial robe or jade seal this time. If so, we unearthed several authentic items in the Dongwang Mansion some time ago.”
“Then the relationship is good, the more evidence there is, the better.” Lu Bei nodded happily.
Seeing this lawless scene, Zhu Qiming was horrified. She was shocked by how blatant Fox Three and Fox Four were, and even more shocked by how experienced and skilled they were.
It turns out that this is the true face of the black yamen, and the purple guards in Xianzhou are much kinder than the two of them.
“You two are lawless and unscrupulous in framing meritorious ministers. Aren’t you afraid that one day the truth will be revealed and the court will question you?”
/“What does frame-up mean? Second brother, please explain to me.”
“Brother is joking, we brothers will not do anything illegal.”
“Yes, our Xuanyin Division is a good yamen that pays attention to evidence. We will never wrongly accuse a good person, and we will never tolerate a traitor.”
“That’s right. Who would believe that we framed a meritorious minister?”
“Hahaha” x2
Dog officer!
Zhu Qiming closed his eyes, feeling worthless for Wu Zhou’s power, and strongly doubted whether the royal family’s rule could last for thousands of years.
As for Lu Bei, after reviewing the files of the West Palace, I discussed it with Hu San for a long time. One of them was full of bad ideas, and the other looked down upon the Son of Man. They quickly decided on the amount of mental damages and a series of claims for grievances. step.
When Lu Bei went to Xianzhou, Hu San contacted his boss Yu Tao and took a two-pronged approach. The first purpose is to make money. If knocking on the bones and sucking out the marrow fails, the next best thing is to give the Xiwang Mansion a hard blow and let others see that the two purple guards in Ningzhou are not the masters at the mercy of others. Think carefully before touching them. own ability.
Lu Bei said yes and added another plan to the plan.
After all, plans are not as good as changes, and it is understandable that there will be some surprises in the middle.
The western part of Wuzhou is