single 6-breaker to slowly clear the fog, while the secret chapter is still deep in a mysterious area behind the fog.

Theoretically, no one in the world should be able to access that area except the Beast King himself who holds the key.
The Beast King had a broad face and serious eyes, thick eyebrows, and he grinned. He looked rough and bold, but in fact he had a unique charm, subtle and profound.
He said in his heart, it’s okay for this old man to be in debt. Let’s form a karma first. At the same time, the highest level of 6 broken sutras is there, making it impossible for this person to reach it.
The Beast King wanted to catch the appetite of “Zai Dao”, and the scriptures were hanging in the depths of the mist, so he smiled, turned around and prepared to manipulate the old man, making him lower his head voluntarily and reveal his true form.
Wang Xuan also smiled. Is there such a good thing? The Beast King took the initiative to remind him that there is a secret chapter hidden in the next chapter. He is so “kind” and must win it.
Along the way, he has made breakthroughs in all areas, and his sense of spirituality is far beyond ordinary people’s imagination. He can see the mysterious wonders that are beyond the real world.
A group of people showed strange expressions. There was a problem between the Beast King and Zai Dao, but in the end everyone was smiling again. It was really a quick change.
After such an episode, Jingyuan, Ancient God Weiya, the giant beast Qingniu, etc. all agreed that carrying the path was indeed extremely difficult, and the Beast King looked at it differently.
Zaidao has become more mysterious in the hearts of this group of people.
“Brother Zai Dao, you are really amazing. What happened between you and the Beast Emperor?” Silver-haired Willow asked via voice transmission.
/Who is Lao Bai? The silver-haired Wei Luo realized that Zai Dao was calling him Baimao Baitai, and questioned that he was the most likely person to be rebellious.
The Beast King waved his hand, and the sacred ripples dissipated. The Ten Thousand Methods Spider King, Wen Ming and others appeared, and they came back to their senses, no longer isolated from perception.
“Everyone, I am true to my word and will demonstrate to you the second chapter of the “Beast King Sutra”.” He was about to take action.
Suddenly, he quickly turned back and looked at the large screen of the spacecraft, scanning a special scene. There was a faint light spot there, and there were prompts, accompanied by some Taoist rhyme.
“It’s not easy. If you go so far, even if I were to walk forward recklessly, I would probably be overwhelmed. Is it possible that there are other people who have come here?” The Beast King showed a solemn expression.
The spaceship is moving at great speed.
“We seem to have reached the limit!” Wei Ya, silver-haired Wei Luo, Lu Po and others all looked dull and felt that their bodies were getting slightly dim, as if they were about to disappear.
“Even if it is a magical journey, there is a limit. This is the maximum