ou Sheng, Bai Li, you guys are impulsive.” Wang Xuan spoke.

Opposite, the three masters were all stunned. Who was he talking about?
Then, the Dalmatian almost barked again. It realized that “Gou Sheng” referred to it, and the other party casually gave it a bad name.
“What are you barking at?” He wanted to spit out such bad words, but in the end he gave up and restrained his impulse.
What a bad name! The giant surrounded by golden blood is also very dissatisfied. His body is huge and boundless, and he can create heaven and earth with a swing of his sword. Now he has become a golden man?
The woman was quite delicate, with a tender face, youthful and energetic, like a silver-haired lolita. She was called Baili, but she could barely accept it.
/“They are: Giant, Spot, and Bai.” The old metal man introduced “Zhong”.
Wang Xuan nodded, but he had already decided on the names he had given them.
“Are it just you five fellow Taoists?” he asked, not intending to go deep into this area for the time being, because everything was still doubtful.
Even though the old man “Zhong” seemed kind-hearted, he had no basis for trust and they were just talking to each other.
Wang Xuan’s spiritual consciousness expanded and he discovered that there were 9 secret roads in this area connected to the corresponding Guizhen Station. Some of them were very hidden, and Miao Gu had not noticed them before.
The five people in front of me must not be the only surviving creatures from that time. The other creatures may have been killed by them, or they may still be dormant.
“Xiao Jinren, Gou Sheng, Bai Li, your condition is not very good.” Wang Xuan said, as a six-dimensional breaker in all fields, after standing here for a while, he naturally gradually understood many truths.
Bai Li was fine, the little golden man could hold his nose while holding the title, but Gou Sheng was really a bit “out there”. Even though the Dalmatian knew he was no match, there was a fierce gleam in his eyes.
“We are all left here with blood and broken bones, born with a trace of obsession. In the past, the secret road was disconnected, the sky collapsed, and I don’t know if the real body escaped.” Bai Li said.
“The old man is also a broken metal body, reassembled. I don’t know if the true body and soul have escaped.” He sighed heavily.
He introduced that even the fire around him was just a spark that burst out from the real body of fire in the past.
“For those who have returned to their true form, it is not easy even if they want to die. Maybe your true form has escaped to an unknown place.” Wang Xuan said.
Indeed, these “harms” on the road to return to the truth are not simple, and some demons and ghosts enter the real world in various forms.
For example, the woman in the stone slab has now even found the stone slab that sealed the essence of her flesh and blood. If she really wants to be united, she may be able to come back to the world directly.
/At this time, Yu Yan, Gu Hong, Yi Hui, Ming Xuan, and Ling Han arrived, all of whom were the core disciples o