y injured when they fall. Some people are directly classified as mortals.

But among the most powerful gods, among the top immortals, among the peerless immortals, there were some who fell too hard and died on the same day!
“I don’t have any big problems myself?” Wang Xuan said to himself, looking down at his body. He was also taking big gulps of heavenly medicine and nourishing himself with silver fairy liquid, and he was actually recovering.
Although his body was seriously injured, the origin and so on were not torn apart. Because he sank under the earth of life and lay dormant in the void, he did not suffer a fatal impact.
“Xiong, where are you?!” Wang Xuan was shocked in his spiritual realm and wanted to leave this place. It was not safe enough here.
Unfortunately, the mechanical bear did not respond, and the silver spaceship disappeared.
Currently, he is still in the 14th dan, and there seems to be no big problem.
Of course, he knew that he must be a little weak. The interior of the scene collapsed, and a lot of blood essence was sucked out of his body. He needed to replenish it so that the three light spots could revive as soon as possible and be born naturally.
Wang Xuan frowned and couldn’t stay here for long. Jiang Qingyao’s condition was so bad that she was like a candle in the wind. The source of her life was torn apart, and her problems were far more serious than his.
“Stay alive!” He whispered, but there was a haze in his heart. The myth was over, everything was over, and those extraordinary means of healing would most likely be useless, and those secret techniques should be becoming less effective day by day.
He quickly searched for various artifacts scattered here, including the Zixiao Hedao Sword and the lid of the health-preserving stove further away. He found it and immediately found it to defend himself.
He looked at the fragments of the God-Slaying Flag and the Body-Slaying Flag, and was silent for a while. This was probably not a treasure. If it were its components, it would definitely not be destroyed.
“Are you, together with this era, my old body, the extraordinary world, and mythology, going to decay together?” Wang Xuan sighed softly.
/Then, he stared at his inner scene, which was still open but was constantly collapsing. It was about to completely fall off and lose contact with him.
It was too mysterious there. He was busy saving people just now and didn’t look carefully. The fire inside went out, but there was still extraordinary radiation!
Wang Xuan lowered his head, how to save the Sword Fairy?
“I haven’t fallen out of state. The origin of the extraordinary is still there, so I can still recover? And Qingyao’s life soil is torn, and the extraordinary is far away from her. Can’t the silver fairy liquid wake her up?”
/He gritted his teeth, picked up Jiang Qingyao’s body that could die at any time, rushed into the depths of the collapsed interior, stepped behind the rough boundary wall that he had never entered before, and rushed towards the extinguished fire!
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