her person heading to an unknown place ahead. “

She thought: “With heavy steps, you are returning from the past, going around in circles, and eventually you have to return to the current An Yuejian, and set foot on the place of truth again, which deviates from the original intention of the year.”
Wang Xuan disappeared and was not in a hurry to hit the road. He did not want to disturb the victims of the disaster at the place of death and be hunted by them.
There is no doubt that there is something wrong with those legs and they were badly injured. They are no longer as good as they used to be. They want to return to the real place, but they are not taking the normal path.
It came to the end of deep space, near a fine crack that only appeared in a special era, tearing open the boundary that the true king could not break, and entered the real place.
Wang Xuan drove the boat in the mist and followed. After a while, he felt that the legs were gone and he started on the road from here.
Now that he is not afraid of any disaster, he can naturally penetrate this place with his bare hands. In an instant, accompanied by a bright light, he is on his way!
The six realms of Yin are gradually extinguished, and there is no more extraordinary source in the present world.
“Is this the place to return to the truth?” Wang Xuan forcefully traveled through the two places, crossed countless dangerous and terrifying time and space, and collided with many rules of the avenue to reach the destination.
The scenery he saw could not be said to be amazing. In this world, he had seen too many magnificent scenery. The main reason was that the avenue here gave him a feeling of being very close.
“The only way is in the real land. Endless time and space are like fog, which somewhat blocks it from radiating to the present world. Now it is much clearer.”
At this time, he looked around and saw a huge piece of land floating, covered with fiery red light, like the red sun setting in the evening and the sky full of sunset.
However, that is obviously not the case. It is a strange case of natural disaster, which is some kind of radiation power of the avenue.
And that huge piece of land is comparable to a super big world, but it is just a small fragment in the void of the land of return to truth. It is insignificant. This world is vast and boundless.
“Fellow Taoist, you look a little strange, are you passing by here?” In the fiery red light, a woman in palace clothes said hello on a 15-color treasure ship.
He smiled and nodded, returning the greeting politely.
/“I just had a feeling that there is a strong person who is going to disrupt time and space, and I don’t want him to be a fellow Taoist.” The woman smiled sweetly.
Wang Xuan realized that he had somehow taken the blame for those legs, going their way and bumping into other people’s perceptions.
He shook his head and said: “There is another person, I just followed him.”
“Really, I thought it was”
Suddenly, a shadow suddenly appeared, and there was an invisible mysterious substan