tion and detained him. In front of the powerful Lu Po, a true saint like Shi Chuan is really not enough.

“Zheng, senior!” In desperation, Tokikawa couldn’t help but send a message. He was afraid of being killed on the spot, because he knew very well that, let alone Ge, even a good old man like Mamoru was very cunning. Source No. 1 The top management is very strong.
However, what surprised him was that Shou, Ge, and Cheng didn’t pay any attention to him. Wang Xuan opened his long legs, rushed over, grabbed him by the collar, slapped him with his hands!
It’s nonsense to say that the most powerful true king has the status. Wang Xuan expressed his feelings directly, and slapped him so that his jaw was gone, and his teeth turned into stars and flew out and burst into pieces.
Wang Xuan naturally stopped the beating, otherwise there would be no time to be innocent and holy just like this.
“Fellow Daoist Wang, let me come, he is not worthy of you to take action!” True Saint Wujie rushed over with fiery eyes, rolling up his arms and sleeves, he was so excited, his eyes were spraying the light of rules.
There was a sparkle in his eyes and he was excited, mainly because he saw Wang Xuan again. More than two hundred years ago, when he was returning at night, he happened to see Wang Xuan in the dark sky crossing the tribulation and going to the other side, which shocked him so much. Everyone was almost stupid.
At this time, Shichuan was shocked. He was grabbed by the new sage Wang Xuan like a chicken, and he couldn’t break free at all. How strong is this kid? His hair stood on end. Compared to having his jaw blown open, the fear and pain in his heart was greater than in his body.
Wang Xuan thought about it and realized that it would be “losing his identity” to do it himself. He threw Shichuan to the True Sage Wujie like a dead dog.
The True Sage Wujie was extremely energetic and said: “This kind of traitor, the person who betrayed his own extraordinary source, should be beaten to death. I taught him how to be a human being, shake the paste in his head and feed it to the dog!”
Everyone around was surprised that the True Sage Wujie seemed to be too enthusiastic about Wang Xuan, and even said that Shichuan was not worthy of Wang Xuan’s personal action, which was a bit weird.
But no matter how the saints guessed, they would not realize that Wang Xuan was the true king, because that was too ridiculous. At most, they thought that he was a super-gang who broke limits and was destined to become a peerless power.
/The True Saint of Source No. 2 stayed out of the matter. Regardless of this matter, the people on Mainland No. 1 were watching. Even the group of people who were separated did not dare to say a word.
“Wujie, let me go!” Shikawa roared, but what greeted him was an even more violent slap from the True Sage Wujie, beating him to pieces.
Suddenly, the lakeside was bloody.
Shichuan was frightened. He had a premonition that the True Sage Wujie was really going to kill him in public. Moreover, Shou, Ge, and Chen all watch