e to hesitate about? Are you waiting to be defeated one by one?

Yihui responded: “He does not exceed the sixth level in the alien realm, but he is a special six-breaker, and, unbelievably, there is a high probability that he will break six more than once!”
“Are you plotting in front of me?” Wang Xuan asked. The so-called secret transmission is of no use to the six breaker in all fields.
Accompanied by a loud “bang”, Wang Qingzhou emerged from the dust in their eyes and instantly distorted time and space with his spiritual field, where it exploded.
Moreover, a huge fist shone in front of Yihui, Kurong, and Mingxuan at the same time. The six layers of fine texture of the royal road seemed to illuminate the world.
“Work together and kill him!”
In the distance, the man and woman’s bodies were boiling with royal runes, locking onto the opponent who was taking the initiative.
Time and space blurred and collapsed. Wang Xuan’s fist broke through more than ten levels of magic fields, and he clashed with Yihui, Mingxuan, and Ku Rong instantly.
In an instant, Ku Rong staggered and coughed up blood.
Yihui’s body shook. He really wanted to weigh this opponent, but he felt that his soul was almost shaken out of his body, and his pupils suddenly shrank.
/Mingxuan no longer remained calm and showed cold murderous intent. Now that she had taken action, there was nothing to say. She sacrificed a prohibited item and blasted it forward.
Wang Xuan’s body turned into nothingness and blurred in an instant, leaving a faint rain of light, as if he had not appeared here just now.
Mingxuan was frightened. She was already prepared. She covered the opponent with a special forbidden divine image and used the sacred domain to lock the opponent. The opponent broke free without even using the sacred weapon? How can this be!
“The journey of the body in the great joyful journey.” Shining and awe-inspiring.
Although the blurred figure of Wang Qingzhou was shrouded and crushed by the forbidden divine map, before it completely dissipated, he still spoke calmly: “Actually, we can discuss it carefully without having to fight to the death. It’s a pity, since you have already entered. field, that’s the opponent.”
“After a brief calm, we still have to fight in the end. We have no choice.” A heavy fog rose from Yihui’s body, and his whole aura became different.
Unfortunately, when he and Mingxuan jointly activated the divine map, the figure disappeared, and it was indeed not the real person.
At the same time, in the void, when the man and woman swooped over at high speed, the clear figure of Wang Xuan suddenly appeared in front of them, attacking them.
The two of them were really shocked. This speed was so terrifying. The physical body was faster than the soul. The other party was obviously dueling with Yihui and Mingxuan, but in an instant they were fighting bloody battles with them again.
This is faster than the so-called teleportation. In one thought, it seems like you can travel to the edge of the universe, past, present and fu