ly wore exoskeleton armor for sniping, but David was more confident when sniping from behind the armor.

He quickly checked the operating system and found that the control room of the No. 35 long-range sniper gun actually controlled the three long-range sniper cannons No. 35, No. 36 and No. 37, but he did not know that this was the sniper beside him. The sergeant-in-hand had always been responsible, and was specially assigned to David’s own authority.
As early as on the road, David had seen the location where the army soldiers and mercenary soldiers were fighting, and he quickly input the coordinates into the controller.
Soon, a battle scene appeared on the display screen in front of him. It was a battle between ten army soldiers and six unmarked mercenary soldiers.
The sniper sergeant on the side looked at the soldier in the picture, who was constantly moving, and from time to time afterimages appeared due to the movement. He couldn’t help but look at David worriedly.
As a sniper, he knew that the target of the sniper attack was a fast-moving soldier, and how difficult this would be for the sniper attack.
/Only sniper soldiers who have experienced hundreds of battles can snipe soldiers in battle from a long distance.
This includes neurological reactions, familiarity with the way soldiers fight, and strong confidence. All of these can create a powerful sniper soldier.
David discovered that after wearing the exoskeleton armor, his reaction speed was improved a bit with the help of the exoskeleton armor. Although it was only less than 20%, for a sniper soldier, this was a huge difference. .
He focused all his attention on the battle in the distance, which was about 4,300 meters away. This distance was definitely not a good distance if a sniper rifle was used for sniper soldiers.
Normal sniper soldiers use special sniper rifles. The optimal distance is between 500 and 1,000 meters. If the level is higher, soldiers who have reached the proficient sniper mastery can increase this distance to 500 meters. about.
At 4,300 meters, the bullets fired from the special sniper rifles will take a while to fly.
However, David is now operating a long-range sniper cannon. The huge sniper cannon body and stronger propulsion ensure the speed of neutron bullets at a distance of five thousand meters.
David switched three long-range sniper cannons in succession, focusing their sights on the battlefield.
He was waiting for an opportunity, a chance to kill with one strike, and at the same time, he was constantly observing the fighting habits of the mercenaries.
Like ordinary sniper soldiers in the army, they rarely learn this kind of knowledge, and even if they learn it, they have no chance to practice it.
But David’s sniper skills come from the crazy mercenary sniper. His main enemy is the soldier, so he has rich experience in the combat and action trajectories of the soldier.
David has also mastered this experience, and now he is doing analysis and judgment.
Ten seconds passed, fifteen seconds passed, and David’s hand was v