intolerable. In order to prevent himself from becoming that kind of person, he always focused on efficiency in everything he did. During the weekdays, he practiced hard, taught Mechanical Bear and Lele, had gatherings with Aoki and Lao Zhong, and had a few drinks if he had nothing to do.

Anyway, he was on his way quickly. When the sun set, he went to the sea of ????stars in the world to meet Lao Chen, the ghost monk and others for a drink. In the dark night, he was so excited that he walked through the mist of the world and could return to the Huaguo Mountain Dojo in an instant.
Sometimes he talked about the future with Fang Yuzhu, discussed swords with the Sword Fairy, and deduced the true meaning of unarmed fighting with Lao Zhang. Occasionally, he also went to the Demon Lord to be a veritable evil brother a few times.
Of course, he often went to Moon Saint Lake, sometimes on his own initiative, and sometimes he was constantly invited to analyze the True Saint Path with Li Lin.
In the past five years, all those who strive for enlightenment in the New Mythical World have known that Li Lin of Moon Saint Lake’s new holy path cannot be blocked, and there are big bosses behind her to support her.
The giant beast Mirage Lion and the Outer Saint Mu Han were both beheaded and slapped, but they did not dare to act rashly and did not seek revenge.
“You want to support the new saints to compete, strive for hegemony, and retreat behind the scenes to become a big boss?” Shou finally knew that Wang Xuan had not been idle in the past few years and wanted to help people become saints.
Currently, Senior Brother is also paving the way for that Sirius.
“Ah ha, senior brother, I didn’t cause any trouble this time. I just helped protect my old friend. I didn’t kill the true saint of the new mythical world.” Wang Xuan explained.
Mamoru nodded and said: “Well, take it easy. The problem with source No. 3 may be serious. Let’s not let the internal friction here.”
/When he heard his senior brother say this, Wang Xuan immediately became extremely serious. He still had to break through and improve quickly, and he had to hurry up to obtain the Daoyun of Source No. 3.
/“If I had taken the initiative to go there, I wouldn’t have thrown myself into the cafe. If there were one or two true kings hiding in the wonderful scenery there, it would be terrible and cause big trouble.”
Wang Xuan discovered that Yun Shuhe was really free and easy, and he loved the mountains and rivers and traveled all over the world.
When he thought of his experience, Wang Xuan also sighed. After he was killed, Shang Yi killed all his confidante, relatives and friends, and not a single one was left.
However, nowadays, beside Yun Shuhe, a figure of a person in red will occasionally appear. It is the weapon spirit of Yuhua Banner, a strange female person from the mother universe.
Wang Xuan’s heart moved, and he felt that the life experiences of the two people in front of him were equally pitiful. They had been abandoned by the whole world. With the help of great