ang Xuan glanced at it and disappeared silently.

He went to the extremely dark shadow place corresponding to the source of Lao Liu. Sure enough, there was also a creature locked here. It was a mechanical monster with pitch-black scales. At this time, he opened his eyes and walked out of the heavy fog.
/After discovering the truth, Wang Xuan had no intention of contacting it and left in an instant.
/“Isn’t it just out of curiosity that I want to visit you next time? Why is the reaction so intense?” Wang Xuan said to himself in the deep sky.
“Ten years is never too late for a gentleman to take revenge.” Then, he practiced hard in silence, really waited for ten years, and allowed his mental state to improve.
Then, bang, when
After the arrival of the “Ten Years Promise”, he played big drums and shook big gongs, all of which were manifested by the spiritual light of the six broken realms. He passed by the extraordinary source of No. 6 and drifted away.
A group of old monsters got angry and killed them.
Finally, Wang Xuan persisted for another 300 years, trying hard to follow the old route and get closer to the No. 1 extraordinary source in his memory, but he was still infinitely far away.
He finally couldn’t hold on any longer and was about to fall asleep in the decaying land along the way.
“Alas, the extraordinary source No. 1 has been silent for more than 5,000 years. It is not easy for me to persist until now. It is equivalent to a normal era.”
Wang Xuan found a place that was relatively soft and not so rotten. He did not enter a specific universe to avoid being awakened by ordinary creatures’ spaceships while sleeping.
Over the years, he had been prepared for it. Even if he was about to fall asleep, he had studied a scripture for himself in advance, combined it with his parents’ “Nine Destruction and Rebirth Sutra”, and a dream scripture from the Age of Gods, and The “True Sutra” is reshaped into a secret chapter that best suits you.
“After falling into the deepest sleep, the scriptures will most likely stop. You can persist as long as you can.”
Deep in the sky, in a very remote corner, the dense fog rises, spreads, and expands among the overlapping large universes.
In the deepest part of the fog, a small boat floated on the crystal lake, and Wang Xuan officially fell into “mythical hibernation”.
Within his body and outside his body, the extraordinary factors flowed along mysterious routes. The extraordinary was not extinguished, and the scriptures were running slowly.
“When I break through the imperial realm, or even become a high-level true saint, I won’t fall into a deep sleep when I meet Yongji again, right?” This was his last thought before going to sleep.
As time goes by, one life after another changes, during which some incomplete universes collapsed and were reborn, while in some universes, the civilizations of mortals in the sea of ??stars were brilliant and then destroyed, and many races prospered and died. As the years passed, various Kind of cycle over and over again.
Without mythology, af