terious six-breaker now overwhelmed the entire audience, making everyone’s hearts flutter.

“It’s really scary to suppress the mount in the supreme realm by raising your hand.”
At this time, Shou, Ge, and Chen turned around and went after the two old monsters from Source No. 2, asking for an explanation. No matter what, if there was no compensation, this matter would definitely not be over.
“Excuse me, senior.” Someone finally couldn’t hold back and asked.
/Wang Xuan was holding the golden sheep as his prey. The Taoist rhyme flowing out of his pores was mysterious and unpredictable, like a holy flame burning. He seemed to be standing in the immortal divine sun. It was so dazzling that even the true saint could not see it clearly. Don’t dare to stare blatantly.
From beginning to end, he seemed to be wrapped in a mysterious haze of light. The past, present, and future were untraceable and would be cut off by inexplicable forces.
“King.” Wang Xuan told him calmly, not wanting to reveal his real name because he had not yet fished out all his malicious enemies.
At the same time, he did not want to be explored prematurely by the strongest person from Source No. 3, or even targeted by monsters from the extraordinary source. However, he does not need to wrong himself. The word “王” can indeed represent his true body and roots.
All the saint-level masters present nodded, feeling that this name was very suitable for his identity. Many of the ancient and powerful existences had one-letter names.
After the Golden Sheep was caught, its 14 horns glowed, but it had not yet surrendered. This was a sharp weapon that could shatter the decaying universe, and had once injured the two saints who surrounded it.
But now, with a snap of Wang Xuan’s fingers, all 14 golden horns that looked like heavenly knives fell off and were broken at the root.
When the strangers and saints saw this scene, they immediately fell silent.
/With a pop, Wang Xuan swiped his hand, and the golden sheep’s head was chopped off, and with a large amount of true blood, it flew towards Shou, Ge, and Chen.
Apparently, there is a soul in the sheep’s head, which was sealed and left for Shou, Ge and others to interrogate. At this time, the three bosses forced the old monster from Source No. 2 to apologize and talked in secret without starting a fight.
Wang Xuan, on the other hand, carried the sheep’s body and 14 extraordinary golden horns and disappeared out of thin air, making it impossible to trace its trajectory.
People were silent, and some powerful people were wondering why they felt that the senior king of Lu Po was carrying the golden sheep away as if hunting.
Some people even suspected that the reason why he took the 14 holy horns was not to refine prohibited items, but maybe to use them as barbecue grills.
Of course, there are only a very small number of people who have this idea. After all, in people’s minds, the scene of senior masters eating roasted holy lamb is too “weird” and should be out of touch with the world.
The extraordinary source No.