took action together to suppress the tide of myth and try to calm it down.

All the saints are staring at the broken land ahead.
When the must-kill list is deflected by the extraordinary center, the violent redirection force hits it multiple times, and is attached with the Tao runes of the saints.
It was broken and burned. In the dazzling light, the two pieces of paper faded away from black, turned into dark red again, and then turned into silvery white, fading layer by layer.
Just as it was about to reorganize, it was broken again, and in the end it was burned and turned into ashes. Then even the afterimage was shattered, and no dust in the universe was left.
When the center completely calmed down, all the saints watched from 36 heavens away. After a brief silence, they roared, expressing their excitement and joy.
“They really did it and destroyed the must-kill list?!” In the outer universe, there were people who changed their paths and were shocked. It felt incredible. They actually succeeded?
“It’s not that easy. The Old Saint back then was not weak, especially ‘Ma’. We tried all our methods, but we didn’t destroy it? It also caused unfathomable sacrifices and killings, as well as subsequent incomprehensible horrific events. After all, , that might be the top 6 list.” A very high-status evil spirit came out and said solemnly.
“Shan, are you here too?” The evil spirit Yuanzhou, who was defeated by the old boy, showed a shocked look and was actually giving a salute.
The old evil spirit is named “Shan”, which is obviously a giant among evil spirits, and it is a single word.
Judging from the titles such as Ma, Dao, Kong, Yuan, and Wu, most of the existence of such single-character names are creatures from ancient times.
Outside the 36th layer of heaven, the smiles on the faces of the saints froze, because Wu could not speak, saying that although the list was broken into pieces and burned to ashes, it was not completely destroyed.
/But until now, few saints can sense the state of the residual paper.
Only Wangyou, You, Lao Boy, Gu Sanming, etc. looked extremely solemn, staring at the dark sky ahead.
“Everything proves that it is a ruined object, and it does not belong to our extraordinary center. It has other roots, otherwise it should be destroyed.”
“You” spoke, feeling extremely regretful. It was such a pity that not even the extraordinary center shift and redirection power could destroy it.
“Wu” took action and pulled out the two hazy pieces of paper from the state of silence and from the end of nothingness. The papers were already being reorganized!
“It’s so super. It’s hard for extraordinary centers to destroy it, and it’s hard to get rid of it on the list of six broken ones. But if you think about it carefully, its origins and what’s behind it make people feel chilly.” A veteran true saint sighed, and his whole body was filled with chills. I feel powerless, how can I deal with this?
“Even if it’s not a 6th-century object, it’s still an ‘artifact’ that goes beyond the source of our mythology and bel