at the last moment, and rushed up in the boat.

Behind him, terrifying substances and rules exploded at the same time, chasing after him.
With a sound of brush, he rushed out of the huge pit and walked away.
Without stopping for a moment, he jumped out of the other side of the universe, entered a new world, and returned to his own dojo.
The woman in the slate was no longer calm and took the initiative to show up. She tried hard to stay awake and stared at the newly found slate with an inexplicable look in her eyes.
Wang Xuan was covered in blood. The effects of the mutation had not been completely eliminated. He was still in severe pain. He said, “I paid such a high price to find the stone slab, but you didn’t even look at me or say anything? Shout first.” Senior brother. Otherwise, if you are so indifferent, I think you are ungrateful.”
“Senior Brother!” Someone really shouted, but it wasn’t the woman, but it came from the lamp.
“Me!” Wang Xuan’s face was extremely serious. He really couldn’t find the secret path to return to his true nature. What kind of “demons” were discovered this time? !
Send a picture of Wang Xuan’s performance of human-level strength.
Is there really someone calling me Senior Brother? Although someone else opened the mouth.
Wang Xuan got goosebumps on the spot because the voice was a bit rough and a bit silly. It was obviously a male voice. Is that intentional?
/Then, the spiritual call came from the stone lamp again, and this time it was simplified, with only one kind word: “Brother.”
“Shut up!” Wang Xuan couldn’t stand it, it was too disgusting.
Such a rich male voice, and a very close look, full of flattery, are two completely different experiences from the slate woman he expected to call senior.
“Brother, what’s wrong?” Every time the man in the stone lamp communicates mentally, his voice will be softer than the last time, and his tone will always be lowered, and it will no longer be so rough.
“Be normal and don’t talk like that.” Wang Xuan stopped him sternly. There was always a feeling that a strong man with a height of eight feet had to hold up his orchid fingers and speak to him in a gentle voice.
/This is really not a pleasure. Although he has never discriminated against gender, beauty or ugliness, today he really couldn’t stand it anymore and felt so cold.
Wang Xuan felt that if he just rubbed his hands on his body, he would get goosebumps everywhere.
“Okay!” The voice came from the stone lamp again, and it became loud and thunderous, making the air vibrate.
This is really two extremes.
Wang Xuan was speechless for a while and did not come back to his senses.
After he calmed down, he felt that the situation was serious. This time he found another “legacy”. Didn’t all the “demons” on the road to death die and enter the world one after another in this way?
The real place has different names for each extraordinary source. The legendary place currently seems very strange and terrifying. Those who are not groundbreakers should not participate in the war.
If such a gr