criptures that could transform between desolation and rebirth lost their effect and could not be reversed between life and death.

It’s not that Yihui, Mingxuan, and Jingrao didn’t want to save him, but they themselves were in trouble and were chopped by endless weapons. They were all injured and covered in blood.
During this process, half of the body of Jing Rao, who was in the late stage of Yi Ren, was cut off. Ming Xuan’s whole body was covered with blood holes, and her long legs were almost broken.
The single Lu Breaker’s radiance is indeed very powerful, but it is useless to hide in the heavy fog of Lu Break. The 15-color weapons chased him in, killing him to the point of death. The wine utensils used for enlightenment clanged, and the spout A piece was missing, and the cracks in the wine glass increased.
/In the distance, three strangers decisively joined the battle because they were being attacked by each other. Although they were cursing the dead Ku Rong for being troublesome and not pitying his death, they were also clearly aware that they were forced to be involved in this battle and could not escape it.
Wang Xuan’s real body and false body were blurred and hazy, and they instantly became one. At the same time, the sea of ??weapons in the sky disappeared.
But Wang Xuan’s energy was even more terrifying.
Three strangers who came to the other side sacrificed a broken sacred weapon. Wang Xuan looked calm, activated the formation diagram, and shook off a defective imperial hammer.
The stranger from the other side immediately recognized the sledgehammer and said, “You killed our companions. No wonder they disappeared in the 36th heaven. It seems that there is indeed a big cause and effect between you and me.”
“Yes, your companions owe me a debt.” Wang Xuan said.
Today, he completely let go of his hands and feet and released himself. This is a very rare situation. In this old center where the myth is now “deserted”, there is no concealment of the realm of land destruction.
“Everyone, be careful, he is a six-level breaker, and he has broken two major realms in a row.” Yihui reminded the three strangers.
“What?!” The three masters couldn’t believe their ears. They kept breaking that they had never heard of such a creature on the other side.
Then, they wanted to greet Yihui cordially. Although this was a reminder, it also completely cut off their escape route. There was no way to withdraw now, and the killing star opposite would definitely be silenced.
/Their faces were ashen, and their hearts were filled with curses.
“There is no way to escape, so we can only fight.” Mingxuan said, at this time, she was very decisive. Compared with the peaceful and quiet temperament when she first appeared, she seems to have changed now. She has put on a suit of alien-level armor again, making a clanging sound and glowing like a Valkyrie.
Jing Rao also put on the broken blood-colored armor again, with a cold expression. She kicked the iron plate today. She had nothing to say. Now she could only fight.
“Can I ask, wher