ed in Wang Laoliu’s interpretation of the mysterious chapter, which was closely related to the page of scripture he obtained back then.

Wang Xuan even conquered the five taboo sacred objects, triggering a lot of discussion.
/“Niuben, that is the ultimate limit-breaking sacred object, but it was suppressed by Wang Xuan alone, leaving only the last remnant of the Death Path!”
“This is quite a dream. Five of the six forbidden sacred objects were severely damaged by him in a row, but he did not pay a heavy price in blood.”
Even Wang Yusheng lamented that Wang Laoliu was much more vicious than he was back then.
Even Lao Wang had a strange look in his eyes, and then nodded. Next to him, Jiang Yunze smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll help you make arrangements later.”
“Would I be afraid of him?”
It was a luminous fragment of text, with many strokes broken off. The whole was complex, sacred, and had an unknown Taoist charm, giving people a sense of mystery that transcended the world.
It is the strongest sacred object among the six taboo sacred objects, and it is also the weirdest one. It seems to be out of tune with this world and suppresses many Taoist charms.
Each stroke of the remaining text contains the “new principles of the Tao”, as if it is different and wants to reach Nirvana and give birth to a new Tao in the great world of the extraordinary center.
Wang Xuan looked solemn. He really didn’t dare to underestimate him this time. After all, he was not in the state of breaking the 6th level now. Facing the “Remnants of Death Road”
I do feel a certain amount of pressure.
It’s quite dangerous!
Wang Xuan confronted it. When he saw its sacred texture rippling and becoming more oppressive, he didn’t want to fight step by step, so he used big moves when he was ready.
In an instant, his surroundings blurred and darkened, and the fog appeared. He did not go deep into it, but just stood at the edge and launched his trump card!
The place where Wang Xuan stood was pitch black and lifeless. He slashed suddenly, and the power of death exploded out, as if it was swallowing up all things and cutting down the rules of the sky.
/He did not use his two strongest trump cards, Wu Zi Jue and You Zi Jue, because the two bosses were in the giant palace and he was really unfamiliar with them.
As for the deceased, they have a close relationship with the past and present. The two super-transformed prohibited items trust each other very much, so Wang Xuan is not very worried.
“Well, could it be said that Wang Xuan is the illegitimate son of the deceased?” A veteran true saint said to himself.
“?” After hearing this, the deceased looked thoughtful and was actually reminiscing about the past.
“These days, even your own son is being robbed? It’s still a prohibited item!” Wang Zesheng was tired and scanned in secret.
Is this a divine code situation? All the supreme beings present showed strange expressions.
“If you have any doubts, don’t talk nonsense!” He finally said.
“I have doubts about your third life!” Wang Zesheng cursed.