iped out by him in an instant. The True Saint of the Tattoo Palace was completely annihilated from body to spirit.

The swordsman appeared and his divine light shone.
Wang Yusheng himself was also tracing back, and then, the halberd passed by, and the dojo was covered. Everything here was erased, leaving no clues or traces.
It is true that the true saint is hard to die and immortal, but the true body of this supreme being who is not the Tattoo Palace is like a rootless tree, which will eventually be refined away.
“It seems that some famous killer weapons, such as the Old Holy Study Room Picture, were taken away by his true form.” Wang Yusheng discovered that there were not as many items in the secret vault as he had imagined.
“Hunting the true saint, absorbing the opponent’s Tao Yun, although it is effective, the improvement is rapid, and it can help break through the level, but there are some hidden dangers in doing so for a long time.” Wang Yusheng said, and disappeared from here with a brush.
There are only some broken altars left here. They were not refined by him, but dug out from some Jedi attached to the extraordinary center. He isolated his own breath and did not contaminate his karma, carrying traces of the old saint.
These broken altars temporarily conceal the secrets of this place.
“Sister, I destroyed the Tattoo Palace Dojo and avenged you.” Wang Yusheng whispered in the endless deep sky.
Although he was far away, he was still staring at the ruins of the Tattoo Palace with his special perception.
No one showed up at that remnant for a long time.
/At this moment, he was guarding the area not far from the Paper Temple. He did not move rashly, but used the strongest spiritual sense to capture some kind of trajectory in the dark.
“The Paper Temple and the Tattoo Palace are really closely related. Not long after the Tattoo Palace was destroyed, the secret was concealed. Do the owners here have some feelings?”
Because he discovered that in the Paper Temple, the most advanced Tao Yun Ripple appeared, and the true saint of the sect came out of seclusion.
He has not yet analyzed the protective formation here, so he has no intention of breaking in. He will stay outside and wait for the opportunity.
With a swipe sound, the true saint of the Paper Temple, a woman, stepped out in one step, wearing armor and holding a holy sword, and rushed towards the Tattoo Palace.
In the deep sky, the king himself did not move. He sacrificed the Ten Thousand Magic Sword, and the sword’s true spiritual will had already taken over. As the king refined and activated it, a dazzling sword light cut through the time and space of the outside world. , lasing away.
On the way, the Jurchen Saint of the Paper Temple suddenly turned around. She felt strongly uneasy and felt as if she was born to be restrained. Could it be that the sword appeared again?
However, when she saw that it was just the Wanfa Sword, she couldn’t help but be startled. She knew that the Tattoo Palace Dojo was probably over and something big had happened.