three people and that Gu Shixuan.” Wu Liuji said.

When Wang Xuan heard this, he understood everything.
From the beginning to the end, it was the magician’s close disciples who were making trouble, wanting to take away his wool, deprive him of his sacred objects, etc., and let the alien Yuan Lin in the Bloody Battlefield Observation Station cooperate with the pressure.
“Okay, this account has to be settled, and they will pay the price.” Wang Xuan nodded, and he was going to let Gu Shixuan go first and sort them out slowly.
After the party, Wang Xuan ran back to the ancient and modern dojo, because Wu Liuji had already said that his master had felt it, and seemed to know that a grandson was struggling outside.
Wang Dao wanted to go to the observation station of the bloody battlefield with Leng Mei. Since he knew that Wang Xuan was his uncle and that he was dealing with the Tattoo Palace, Paper Temple, etc., he would naturally help.
He has broken through 5 in the super peerless field, and his strength can be regarded as the most powerful person in the same level!
After Leng Mei knew that Wang Xuan was looking for a trading partner, she directly participated and said that Yaoting’s observation station could also accept some people.
Wang Xuan originally thought this was not good and did not want to involve his acquaintances.
/“Uncle Liu, if you want to send the sacred objects to outsiders for trading, it would be better to send them to the Demon Court.” Wang Dao said, not really treating the Demon Court as an outsider.
In the last century, he fought against the Tao Yun body of Zhuo Fengdao, an extremely strange person, in the stone forest in the bubble universe, and was beaten to a semi-crimp.
At the critical moment, the people in the Demon Court didn’t know it was him, but they felt that it should be related to Wang Yusheng’s group, so they boldly went out to block the Tattoo Palace, and only then did he escape smoothly and disappear.
Wang Xuan thought for a while, that was the case, and he would not be severely investigated anyway, and then he once again sent a sacred object to Leng Mei to her senior brother who was responsible for guarding the observation station.
“No need.” She shook her head, but was still asked to accept it seriously.
“I also took action in Shilin, blowing up Zhuo Fengdao’s Daoyun body and avenging you.” Wang Xuan told his nephew.
“Isn’t there a person named Shang Yi?” Wang Dao was surprised. He had heard about it before.
“Shang Yi is my mortal enemy in the mother universe. I pretended to be him. This person successfully crossed over and is holding the most precious human sword. You need to be careful.”
Wang Xuan didn’t want his nephew to foolishly mistake his enemy for his benefactor, so he made the matter clear.
“Let’s go, I have to go into seclusion.” Wang Xuan left completely and hid in the ancient and modern dojo, temporarily withdrawing from the world.
In the mother universe, Wang Zesheng and Jiang Yun appeared in lawless places, walking in the dusty ancient battlefields of t