ant to tell Boss Wang?”

After the two holy insects were refined, they were very responsible and well-behaved, but they were also very courageous when no one was around.
“Wang Laoliu went to visit friends.”
“Don’t yell. We were refined by him. He will investigate us afterwards. You probably can’t hide it if you call him this.”
Wang Xuan entered the Demon Court. There were many old friends here. He was afraid that Wu Liuji would step into the New Saint Star Road, so he came to take a look. At the same time, he also wanted to meet his nephew Wang Dao.
He learned that Wu Liuji had no intention of taking that path at all.
“Instead of going there, why don’t you call me to watch the ceremony when you transcend the world.” Wu Liuji said with a smile. We are all one of our own, so he can say whatever he wants.
Wang Xuan came to visit on his own initiative, and the two brothers Mei Yunfei and Mei Yunteng came to accompany him in person. They all found it strange and thought that Wang Laoliu was so casual and courageous!
Wang Dao was even more direct, saying: “Uncle Six, you are much more proactive than my father. He has never been so active. He was either caught or called over.”
Fortunately, his father is not here, otherwise he is guaranteed to be beaten again.
If it weren’t for the sake of his junior sister Jiang Yun and thinking of Wang Zesheng’s arrogance, he didn’t know what he would have done.
When he thought of that couple, Yaoting Zhensheng’s heart skipped a beat, and he felt something, secretly wondering, could it be that those two people were about to cross boundaries? !
For a time, he had mixed feelings and complicated moods, and fell into the memories of the past.
/When the True Saint of Demon Court came back to his senses, his face was as dark as the bottom of a pot, because Wang Xuan and his little cotton-padded jacket had a private meeting, and they were in a secret room together.
“You’re still doing something?!” Mei Yukong couldn’t sit still and stood up directly. However, after knowing what happened, he fell silent again.
Wang Xuan is helping Leng Mei sort out the texture of the royal road.
Even though Mei Yukong himself was a true saint, he felt that there was a high probability that he would not be as good as his opponent.
Because, when Wang Xuan 6 is broken, the “answer” given by the true saint is better than the “answer” given by the real saint by comparing the process of his own imperial transformation, conditioning Leng Mei’s flesh and bones, the imperial runes, etc.
In the past, Wang Xuan had mentioned that he would reshape Leng Mei’s body into a Yudao transformation, but he would have to wait until he reached the heaven level and caught up with her cultivation level.
In fact, it was not until he entered the transcendent realm that he caught up with Leng Mei.
This process naturally required him to observe closely and come into contact with her ice muscles and jade bones, so when the old demon first woke up, he was immediately furious.
He once thought that this kid was more courageous