Just as he looked at the two shining crystals, a stream of heat suddenly surged out of his body, which surprised him.

Because the location where the heat flow surged was exactly where the dark red liquid was injected into his spine, the heat flow entered his blood vessels and spread throughout his body.
David was extremely familiar with his body, and this heat seemed to be affecting his body.
/Considering that he has no sense of danger, this should be a good influence.
“That should be enough time!” Dean Constable muttered to himself as he hurriedly finished his meal and returned to the operating table without waiting any longer.
He picked up the white stone again, pricked David’s finger, and smeared the blood on the white stone.
This time the white stone lit up with white light. This white light was extremely weak, but it was indeed bright.
“Although it is only a very weak bloodline, the power of the bloodline is still growing. With the support of bones, the power of the bloodline should exceed the power of Arthur’s bloodline. Arthur is a direct descendant of the Luce family!” Constable! An extremely excited look flashed in the dean’s eyes, and he was still muttering to himself.
David didn’t know who Arthur was, but he knew about the power of blood and that it was unique to the divine world. Only those with the power of blood could become knights.
Could it be that the liquid Dean Constable injected into his spine just now was the power of blood? But I heard that the power of blood cannot be transferred.
“By the way, I want to record everything here, and I may have a short-term memory confusion!” Dean Constable was still muttering to himself.
He quickly operated on the light screen, as if recording something.
After an hour, Dean Constable finished what he was doing and then looked at David.
“From today on, I will let go of who I was in the past, and I will become a true immortal!” Dean Constable’s expression was extremely solemn, as if he was performing a ceremony.
There is only one last step left in his lifelong dream. You can imagine the excitement in his heart.
After this last step, he will say goodbye to his past and become a different person.
Dean Constable was lying on another operating table. Two transparent covers were raised from the operating table under him and David at the same time, covering them.
/“Execute the soul conversion procedure!” Dean Constable said in a deep voice with determination flashing in his eyes.
The soul conversion program is a special program, a confidential research result of the Federal Research Institute, but ordinary souls cannot digest this soul conversion, which requires an extremely powerful soul to perform.
No matter how strong the spirit is, a person can only undergo the soul conversion procedure once in his life. If the soul conversion procedure is used more than once, the soul will directly dissipate.
This confidential research has not been made public, and even very few people in the federal research institutes know about it. This is because once this rese