tally, today is March 15th, the day when the elixirs are settled at Dashengguan in the middle of the month.

He calculated that it was mid-March now, and there was less than a month and a half left before the 180-day public beta period.
And the day version 1.0 is officially launched
Sorry to say, Lu Bei didn’t know the specific day.
He was just an amateur power leveler during the 3.0 version, and his account was also an amateur player. He ran daily tasks, acted as an atmosphere team, and used his stupidity to set off the awesomeness of the master players.
Lu Bei had no idea about the update cycles and intervals between the first two generations of versions.
He only knew that version 2.0 was a transitional version, and after applying a few patches, he quickly advanced to version 3.0. How long would it take for version 1.0 to be launched after the public beta? His foresight turned dark and he could not see anything.
/He had just tasted the benefits brought by the leeks. When he thought of the factory shutting down all production lines, no, when he thought of saying goodbye to them, Lu Bei’s heart suddenly throbbed, and he shed a few drops of simple capitalist tears.
As loyal and patriotic as he is, he is unable to provide a large number of jobs to the society, and he feels deeply guilty and sad.
Fortunately, the problem is not big. We can’t cut leeks for the time being, so we can still manage to maintain the elixir mission at Dasheng Pass.
Based on the current speed of alchemy refining by players, before the end of the open beta, it will be enough to reserve two to three months of basic elixir inventory, and 20 million experience points per month will be firmly in their pockets.
Through Tianjian Sect’s continuous pressure on Lingxiao Sword Sect, it can be seen that the collapse of the Iron Sword Alliance will not take long, and the highlight of the Emperor Ji Sect’s battle against the Iron Sword Alliance will begin soon.
His butterfly wings did not make waves everywhere. He was a small boat struggling in the sea of ??suffering, not to live but to survive. Even if there is, it will only be a small amount of money to support the family. The sky will still be the same, the earth will still be the same, and the overall situation will not change because of him.
All in all, everything is as it was before, and it won’t be too long before version 1.0 goes online.
“As expected of me, in terms of calculation, I’m no worse than Lin.”
The personal panel prompts that 20 million experience has been received, and the total experience in the inventory has reached an unprecedented 290 million.
During this trip to Yuezhou, I gained a lot of experience in the secret realm. I only dedicated myself to respecting the emperor and contributed to a small goal.
The remaining experience was pieced together from various enthusiasts, including the Lingxiao Sword Sect who helped with the help of the mountain sect. Since it was determined that defeat was not a kill, the experience was heavily discounted, but the little added up to a