“What do you mean?” Wang Xuan put down his wine glass alertly.

The mobile phone Qiwu said in the tone of a decadent young man: “She is a top alien. How do you know that she is really mentally disordered? Maybe you are the real prey, and she is more conscious than you.”
Wang Xuan was startled, then nodded immediately and said: “Brother Ji, what you said makes sense!”
“I’ll go, are you really right?” the mobile phone Qiwu suddenly called out.
Wang Xuan was puzzled. He looked at it and was suddenly startled. Where is the machine? Where did it go? It suddenly disappeared!
/At the same time, if he felt something, he looked towards the door of the Dragon Bar and saw a beauty in white, Nana, walking in.
She was tall and tall, with perfect body proportions, slightly glowing black hair, and a delicate and flawless face. She was none other than Li Lin, a stranger. They were separated for a moment, and then they met again!
Moreover, she actually entered his bar.
The scammer of the mobile phone wonders ignored him and put him in front of a powerful female alien.
“Boss, your business scope is very wide. You provide travel companions, competitions, and help people understand scriptures and pass exams. There is a lot of business,” Li Lin said.
“Business has been quiet recently and I haven’t taken any orders.” Wang Xuan remained calm and responded with a smile.
“Are you going to help the stranger pass the test? The target is really holy.” Li Lin was graceful and graceful. She walked in and she was smiling. She looked soft and beautiful, but it made Wang Xuan’s heart beat with fear.
How to answer this? She is the consciousness of the main soul that has revived and returned from the depths of the sea of ??origin, so she has been pursued along the line of cause and effect?
/Or is it that, as a high-end hunter, she now doesn’t hide it?
For a moment, Wang Xuan couldn’t tell what state she was in when she was in Qianhuan Jinbei, and what was she thinking now?
“Boss, let’s have a glass of Longpe wine first.” Li Lin sat down with a youthful, beautiful and bright smile. Outsiders have no idea that this beautiful woman who looks about twenty years old is actually a top-notch alien who has lived for two centuries.
A bolt of thunder streaked across the Origin Sea, and in the deepest part, a terrifying light mist appeared, making the entire ocean turbulent and shaking the starry sky.
The sea of ??origin is not on a certain planet.
It is vast, boundless, and has no end at all. Countless stars fall down, and they can only splash waves in the sea.
As that ray of light passed by, an oppressive aura and immense power of heaven loomed, making the hearts of both transcendent and strange people palpitate, let alone others.
“Is there someone who wants to survive the True Saint Tribulation?” In the Jinbei Beach area, there are several True Saint Palaces, and naturally there are strange people coming and going all year round.
Now, an old stranger lost his voice, flew high into the sky, and looked into the depths of the sea, with a look o