was a vague figure that chased Ji Ye down and almost got lost, and now there’s a mentally ill person who said Ji Ye is autistic. No one here is here. normal!”

Ahead, there were some blurry scenery and even vague shadows. Wang Xuan and the others walked forward cautiously and saw a child burning paper and crying on the side of the road.
“Who are you burning paper for?” Mobile Phone Qiwu asked.
“The Old Holy City is dead.” The child looked up, his forehead was full of wrinkles, and threw the withered and yellow paper into the fire one by one, and then threw the tied paper figures into the fire, and also lit it.
Wang Xuan suddenly sucked in the extraordinary factor and stared at the flickering fire.
/This scene seemed familiar, somewhat reminiscent of fire from an extraordinary source.
In addition, when Wang Xuan killed the five most powerful disciples of the Paper Temple, he also fought against that forbidden spell, and a burning paper man rushed out of the fire.
“Are you burning paper for the Old Saint?” he asked.
“Yes, they are all gone. The lonely road is so desolate and without warmth. I burned paper for them to light their way forward.” The child with wrinkles on his forehead cried.
“It is” Wang Xuan pointed to the lifelike paper man in the pile of paper.
The “old boy” raised his head, with a childish face, and said: “They are all paper figurines made by me. They were burned by the old saint and worked as a book boy, a maid, and a horse guide. It is lonely on the long journey, so I go and accompany them.”
“It looks familiar to me.” Wang Xuan said, staring at the fire.
“Are you talking about paper figures? I burned a lot of them in the decaying universe, but I couldn’t bear to burn the most beautiful one, and finally ran back to the central universe. But she never came to see me again until I died, She didn’t even show up, which makes me so sad.”
Wang Xuan almost expressed his amazement by saying “Chinese Essence”. His head felt like it had been hit by a sledgehammer. It was big and numb. Both the scene here and the paper figures looked familiar. He asked casually and got such an answer. !
Leader Zhang took a deep breath of the super matter and then breathed out fire. He was obviously shocked.
“Burning paper to become a saint? Moo!” The mini Fudao Niu arched its head in Lao Zhang’s arms, feeling the cold air rising from the fire.
Leader Zhang felt awkward and threw it directly to the ground. Before he became an immortal, he also had a family, and none of his own sons enjoyed such treatment back then.
“She may have become a real saint and be revered as a paper saint.” Wang Xuan told the “child” with a scary origin.
“I heard about it later, but I was even more sad. She refused to see me.” He burst into tears and fell into the fire, splashing the myth factor.
“There is also Dark Tianxin. It is reported that it is a seal from the Old Saint period.” Wang Xuan said, evolving his true form and blurry figure on the spot.
“I know, the Yindu from back then has transformed.”
“What do you think I look lik