had their souls exploded.

In fact, it was more than that. At midnight, two more remains of the True Saint appeared. As for whether there are still at the end of the earth, it is unknown.
Anyway, no one dared to take a look, even the strangers lowered their confident heads and lurked low-key in the city.
Everyone felt that this time was different, the must-kill list might really appear, and all the omens were too frightening and terrifying.
/“Hiss, yes, it really might be coming!” In the middle of the night, a stranger peeked through the wonderful scene reflected in the divine lake, and saw a true saint walking out of the depths of hell, although he was decayed, but his body was still intact. Holding a jade box in his hand.
what is that? Could it be that what is contained in it is the legendary “half list”?
Late at night, the supernatural secret network of hell was extremely busy, and all kinds of latest secret reports were transmitted to the present world.
The “half list” is very important. Some true saints want to cross out their names from it, while others are afraid that their names will be rewritten on it.
Once it appears, it will definitely be a bloody storm!
In fact, the starry sky in the universe was not peaceful at first.
At this moment, all the major mythological platforms and extraordinary channels on the Chaoren Network are talking about Kong Xuan’s duel with the Hell Legion.
/Nowadays, some things are simply impossible to hide.
Some time ago, many truths from hell were reported back, and there was an uproar in the sea of ??stars. People already knew that Kong Xuan had fierce battles with Paper Temple, Tattoo Palace, Guixu, Guangguang Tian and others.
Not only did Kong Xuan not die, he also broke the limit 5 times, killing Liu Nian from Time Sky, Zhou Tai from Paper Temple, and Xiang Shan from Evil God Palace.
After these news came back, there was a big earthquake in Xinghai!
Earlier, when Liu Nian first appeared, some people boasted and pushed for the rise of a generation of Tianzong gods. As a result, many of the strongest disciples in the Zhensheng Dojo were killed by Kong Xuan alone.
Many people know that Kong Xuan is almost a casual cultivator and is nicknamed a quality inspector, mainly for those who have broken the limit 4 times. In the end, he even killed the leading figures who broke the limit 5 times.
When the news was initially revealed, all parties could not believe it. This was truly shocking.
Therefore, in recent days, Kong Xuan’s name has spread all over the world, and the entire extraordinary network is talking about it. His outrageous and over-the-top behavior has made everyone lose their voice.
Some of the videos captured by Hell 5 Po Immortals have finally been released, long overdue. People were shocked to discover that Wang Xuan had killed a city lord-level monster in the divine city before breaking the time limit five times.
Under the siege of 11 city lords who had broken the limit 5 times, he did not die!
Later, there were terrifying scenes of him overcoming the t