fect was too obvious.

Of course, it was impossible for Wang Xuan to trust him completely and ask him to let go of his soul and verify various scriptures to ensure they were correct.
“I promise you won’t die. You are going to a better place than suffering in the depths of hell. Because when hell becomes empty, a conscious creature like you simply cannot endure it, and will inevitably return to a state of confusion in the end! ”
Wang Xuan sealed him, completely suppressed him, and looked out of the mist.
Now, his eyes are fiery, and there are gods and mechanical saints outside. These are living treasures that are worth digging and must be captured alive.
However, he was also frowning. This group of people had gathered together and arranged a large formation!
“Many ultimate true immortals, and the city lord who has broken the limit five times have joined together. It doesn’t matter. I am the ultimate true immortal, and I will suppress you all here alone!”
The most important thing is that he is now standing in the fog and can choose the most suitable time to take action.
He decided to completely clear out hell today!
After this battle, there is a high probability that he will not come back in a short period of time.
He walked slowly to the edge of the fog, looked down, and said to himself: “The ultimate battle begins!”
Wang Xuan stood in the mist and looked up into the sky. Naturally, his vision was focused not only on the coalition forces of hell, but also on the extraordinary beings at the True Saint Dojo.
Then, his brows furrowed deeply, and his spiritual eyes gave him a sense far beyond ordinary people’s understanding, which could break through illusions and discover essential problems.
Some people stand in the crowd and are very special. Runes are flowing in their eyes. They are very deep. Even if they are hiding, their aura is a little different.
“Spicy chicken!” Wang Xuan looked solemn, there were strangers coming, and there were more than one or two!
It’s just an acquaintance, Li Lin. What kind of monster is there in the Tattoo Palace?
A man with two heads, although he was low-key and well-hidden, Wang Xuan’s spiritual eyes and super-sensory combination could still tell him.
In both heads of that creature, there is the light of the soul as dazzling as the sun. It is a powerful alien with dual souls!
When he looked at the Paper Temple, his heart sank. A short fat man with a smile and introverted eyes was pacing this way, obviously looking for him.
Under the skin of Humpty Dumpty is a body made of paper, and deep inside the body of paper, there is flesh and blood. Even though he covers it up many times, he cannot change his essence. He is a strange person.
The main reason is that they are all suppressed to the level of true immortals, and it is easy for Wang Xuan to find out their incompatibility.
He suddenly became extremely serious. He looked at Guiguangtian, Guixu, Evil God’s Mansion and other places. His pupils shrank, and strangers were coming to all of them.
/“Wu Liuji said that half of t