Secret Network.

“Everyone, let me give you a warning. The quality inspectors are about to be surrounded and suppressed. They will either die tragically or break out of the siege. Hell will be turbulent and lively. Well, I hope the quality inspectors really show up, and not just rejoice and wait in vain. .”
Suddenly, all the extraordinary beings in hell were alarmed.
Moreover, the person who sent the message also relayed this notice through extraordinary secret methods and sent it to the living universe. However, there will obviously be a delay, at least several days before it can be transmitted.
Because, not only is the journey long, it is simply across the universe, and a lot of information must be sorted out before it can be sent back. At present, some secrets in hell cannot be released to the public.
The mobile phone wonder told: “Whether it is the scroll of the true Bible or the must-kill list, I think they must have been lost in important places like the Holy Imperial City and the Mechanical Temple.”
After Wang Xuan heard this, he suddenly felt like his eyes were darkened. He had no future and no hope. Where were those places? The core of hell!
Can he get in? Although he is powerful in breaking limits, he is only a true immortal, not a stranger with extraordinary abilities, let alone a true saint with unrivaled knowledge.
Besides, if a person like that comes in and wants to dig through hell, he will die, and there have been holy deaths more than once.
The mobile phone wonder said: “Your interpretation is wrong. Hell is so vast and endless. You can regard it as an outer universe that is always adjacent to the extraordinary center. The Holy Imperial City, the Mechanical Temple and other places are only part of the True Immortal Area of ??Hell. One of the important places is not a place with banned rules.”
/Wang Xuan was startled. Hearing just the name, his eyes darkened, but he actually understood it this way.
The mobile phone wonder added: “Of course, it is said to be a true immortal area, but if there is a stranger, or even a true saint, it will not be popular in that place. This kind of imperial city and holy temple can naturally attract unparalleled masters in an instant .”
This also leads to the fact that true saints do not come to hell, and strangers almost never show up. It is too dangerous to come here in person, so it is better to let true immortals and heaven-level extraordinary people take action.
“In the True Immortal area, are there many core places on the same level as the Holy Imperial City and the Mechanical Temple?” Wang Xuan asked.
Mobile Phone Strange Objects responded: “Not many, but there should be some. The pattern of hell is changing very quickly, and every era is changing. It’s hard to say this time.”
Wang Xuan said: “If the Holy Imperial City and the Mechanical Holy Temple can be regarded as the city of true immortals, can I kill them right now and drill through them in one step?”
“Courage is commendable, but are you sure you want to do this?” Mobile Phone Wonder sighed