s of light that flew into the mist.

“With the super spiritual eye, with the blessing of Yu Dao, she can actually see the scene deep in the fog?” Wang Xuan was shocked.
/The last time, when he heard the mobile phone introduce this woman, he felt that it was special. When he talked about her special features in various fields, it was as if he was introducing his abilities.
Now, it has been verified that she also has spiritual eyes. After being blessed by Yu Daohua, Daoyun discovered him after Dao Yun recovered.
This is not a person that the 11 city lords can compare with. The previous group of overlords who broke the limit five times did not find him.
Now, he was seriously injured, broken in many places, both physically and mentally. Some of the remaining laws left in his body by those people had not been erased, and he was not suitable for fighting at all.
What’s more, this woman’s strength is more terrifying than that group of people combined!
Fortunately, there was no revival of Tao Yun in her body, but her eyes came to life, breaking through the fog, looking at this place, and then the light slowly extinguished.
“Don’t you want to say something?” Wang Xuan asked the mobile phone wonder
It was really a bit superior, Wang Xuan suspected, maybe it was its descendant.
“Why have I never seen you praise me like this?”
“Ordinary people know that sons are raised in poverty while daughters are raised in wealth, especially disobedient sons. At certain special stages in their childhood, they even dislike dogs.” Mobile Phone Qiwu said flatly.
Wang Xuan wants to hit it!
For a moment, I didn’t know whether it was praising people or taking the opportunity to curse people. Anyway, it took advantage of it.
In the mist, Wang Xuan did not go out immediately. He wanted to see if there was a time limit and whether he would be passive and leave here. The place where he stood became increasingly dark.
There was no light in front of him, and after creating the ripples, he seemed to have fallen into an abyss.
He felt something, and said: “Entering an unknown place, and using “nothing” to eliminate the opponent. These two methods are the trump cards. We should interpret ‘something’ and what will be born here.”
/Of course, now is not the time, you need to calm down and understand.
The most important thing for him right now is to heal his wounds and realize the unique charm of the divine city. This is an extraordinary civilization that has disappeared in history.
The wounds in some parts of his body expanded and blood flowed out again. This was the rule left behind by the 11 city lords who were expelled.
However, Wang Xuan did not erase them immediately. Instead, he understood and absorbed them with his heart. These rules belonged to different extraordinary civilization eras.
It can even be said that these people come from the old transcendent central world that has passed away. Compared to now, they are all people from the outer universe. They die in hell and stay forever.
Wang Xuan came to hell to pursue the Tao Yun of