p of people are being shady or if they are really upright. Anyway, a group of people are supportive, leaving messages and complimenting each other.

“After the quality inspector entered the hell, he pushed Shao Hua, the cool beauty in black from Guang Guangtian, into the Grand Canyon. They just inspected one, and they still need to work hard. I hope to weigh more of the core disciples of the True Saint Dojo. Looking forward to it!” Many people also left messages of encouragement.
Hell, True Saint Dojo, and Kong Xuan have become hot words in the extraordinary world in the past two days, and a large number of people are paying attention to the subsequent events.
During this period, “Irregulars” was also publishing articles, but they were obviously not as detailed and true as the revelations from Hell 5 Po Immortals.
On that day, the Five Po Immortals of Hell were secretly warned to suppress the news first and not to directly discover it in the starry sea again.
/Especially since several True Saints failed to attack the city and all came back defeated, he was asked to wait for two days before launching another attack to see the results and turmoil later.
The explanation given to him by the people of the Supernormal Secret Network was that repeated failures would dampen the confidence and enthusiasm of the current supernormal to enter hell and explore.
But Wu Poxian believes that some true saint dojos are probably exerting pressure, and they don’t want too many negative reports. But with so many people in hell, can they keep it a secret?
Wang Xuan drinks tea on the city gate tower all day long. The tea fruits newly picked from the tea trees behind the life soil are full of super-material “dew”, fresh and rich in vitality. Not to mention a few demons, it is a rare thing on the mobile phone. They were all fascinated for a while and asked him where he picked it from?
“Picked from the blessed land cave that I carry with me.” Wang Xuan replied casually.
“I’ve seen the cave, the storage bracelet on you, etc., but they don’t exist!” said the mobile phone wonder.
“You peeked into all my privacy?!”
People from various monasteries did not leave, and there were always extraordinary people looking over here. Wang Xuan did not want to rush across the plains and spent the whole day drinking tea and studying the True Sutra.
At the same time, he also connected to the Extraordinary Secret Network many times to read the latest news and so on.
“Yiren Xin, is he really in hell?” Wang Xuan immediately wanted to find this scammer along the “network line” and bought this person’s “Guide to Life in Hell”, which was obviously “taxed”.
The mobile phone wonder said: “I tried to locate him. He is not in hell. He is probably in the sea of ????stars in this world.”
“This liar has already left hell, and he is still reporting on the latest news here. He really belongs to him.” Wang Xuan sighed, the more such a bastard, the harder it is to catch him.
Then he frowned and said: “Who is this Hell Five Po Immortal? He must be in the