who are above the realm of gods. Standing on the city wall at this moment, there are demon cultivators with ferocious features, Buddhist cultivators with sinister faces, and Taoist cultivators who are unlikely to be kind. At a glance, there are fish and dragons mixed together, and the clothes are all kinds of. No matter how you look at it, they are all a group of improvised and miscellaneous troops.

Xuanlong has its own national conditions here.
Not to mention the Chiyun Palace, which welcomes all comers, the serious monks who have been standing guard on the frontline for three to five years, fearlessly fighting against the monsters day and night, will become as ferocious as they are now.
There are no monks in Xuanlong who are pure-hearted and ascetic, and all of them have some connections with demons. Not to mention the Zhao family as the leader, each one has a weirder personality than the last.
The black line and tide came quickly, triggering the talisman traps on the plain, exploding with colorful blood, various spells appeared in endlessly, and thousands of demon soldiers were killed in an instant.
/Even if there are four demon generals opening the way, they are no match for the monks from Gushan City digging holes and burying pits. They can only let the demon soldiers charge forward with all their lives.
At this moment, meteors and fire rained down from the sky, and the trebuchet behind the city began to exert force. Driven by the monk’s magic power, it threw deadly ammunition one after another.
Xiao Fengxian stood stunned on the city wall. Because the game had a built-in protection mechanism, smoke rose into her eyes and red jelly flew everywhere.
His body trembled, he logged out and turned on the live broadcast function, happily watching a group of people pouring into his room.
“Holy shit, boss, how did you get in?”
“I have been on the northern frontline before, and I was not allowed to get close to the city wall at all. Did grandma use the back door, or was someone else used the back door?”
“How is it possible? The anchor is certified as a young lady and can take the right path.”
“What a shemale number? It turns out to be a young lady. That’s what happened.”
With Xiao Fengxian’s cultivation level, he was not qualified to step into this place. He patted his chest and assured Zhan Lexian that he was a reincarnated immortal and could live even after death, so he was not afraid of death at all. He just wanted to open his eyes between death and life. .
It sounded very reasonable. Zhan Lexian thought that opening Xiao Fengxian’s eyes would be of great benefit to his future practice, so he brought it over.
“Stay with me later, don’t go anywhere, do you hear me?” Zhan Hongqu patted Xiao Fengxian’s head, loving her as much as she could, and was quite happy with the pretty boy who was born in the same line.
Xiao Fengxian nodded repeatedly. He also liked long-legged sisters like Zhan Hongqu. When Zhan Lexian wasn’t paying attention, he secretly called her “Master’s Wife”.
Zhan Hongqu nodded calml