on target.

It can only be said that Ian is very lucky. If he does this normally, Lord Gould will definitely find out and stop him. Even if Lord Gould doesn’t find out, Charlie or others will.
But today’s situation is a bit special. Lord Gould and the four lords are talking about important things together. It’s too late to hide them, so how can they let their senses out?
/Charlie and the rest of the family also had a busy day, and the finishing work of the reception was still going on. Only Ian was idle, and no one had time to pay attention to him.
In the moment of palpitations, David reacted with almost no hesitation.
His spirit swept over the Mark Knight beside him, and during the transmission process, he took the Mark Knight into the summoning ring.
Now David’s summoning ring is no longer the narrow summoning ring before. From the trophies of the Leakey family, he chose a summoning ring with a large space.
The largest summoning ring of the Leakey family is the one belonging to Viscount Leakey. The space is about the size of a room, enough for him to put in all his puppets and war horses.
The teleportation process is still going on. After many teleportations, David has long been familiar with teleportation.
/When the teleportation reaches its destination, the teleportation gate has about a second of space energy to protect the teleportation target from attack. This is also David’s only chance to avoid danger.
As soon as the scene in front of David appeared, he understood that this was not the portal to the main city of Bama, and he also knew that the danger judgment was not wrong.
Someone used the portal of Main Star to teleport him here, but he would not think it was a good intention.
David’s spirit connected with the ‘Extraordinary Army Spur’ on his calf. He transferred the space energy in the ‘Extraordinary Army Spur’ into his body. Then the ‘Space Rush’ ability was activated, and his figure disappeared the moment the portal teleported him. .
Activated along with ‘Space Rush’ is the ‘Underground Stealth’ ability, which allows him to appear ten meters underground.
David’s aura is completely hidden. He has great confidence in this aspect. This is why he put Mark Knight into the summoning ring. There is no way for him to hide Mark Knight’s aura.
Shadow Attendant flew out of the ground at this time and arrived near where he was just now.
Through Shadow Attendant’s eyes, David saw three sky knights suspended in the sky. The target they focused on was exactly where David appeared.
As long as he is one step too late, David will have to face the simultaneous attack of three sky knights. At that time, let alone escape, it will be difficult to resist.
David knew how terrifying the Sky Knight was. In order to deal with Baron Cyril, the Sky Knight, it could be said that he tried his best and exhausted every means before he narrowly won the victory.
“Hey, where are the people?” the Alberta Sky Knight exclaimed.
He was 100% sure that just after the portal was activated, a figure appeared, but the figure flash