ubts. Before entering the extraordinary central world, the true saint of Demon Court had suffered losses from Old Wang in the mother universe. Was he Old Wang’s enemy?

He thought silently, Lao Wang said it was very low-key, the strange people were unknown, and the famous ones were all dead, but now it seems that the couple did not live a very ordinary life.
You could say that the two of them were high-profile, but it really wasn’t like that. Even the treasures such as the health stove and Xiaoyao boat had survived for many centuries, and they didn’t know about their couple earlier.
To say that the two of them are low-key is not necessarily true. In this century, they even beat to death an old man selling wontons, a strange man who lived for who knows how many centuries.
In addition, the two people once made it clear that there is still a very powerful enemy alive and they have been fighting for more than a century. They had a brief talk with Wang Xuan when they were in the “lawless land”, but now the problem is not very serious.
Now, Wang Xuan heard about another demon court where a true saint stood, who was suspected to be extremely discordant with Lao Wang.
Otherwise, the true saint of the demon clan would never have lasted so long. He still couldn’t let go of his prejudices. After learning about Wang Yusheng’s roots, he immediately wanted to hunt him.
Looking at it this way, Lao Wang has always been fighting, and it is definitely not as low-key as he said.
It’s a pity that Wang Xuan feels sorry for his parents. If the two of them entered the extraordinary central universe, they would have already become true saints!
However, the two people seemed to be taking different paths, and they were not in a hurry.
Wang Xuan chatted with the health stove for a long time. After the conversation started, Zhibao was actually not that bored and was actually very talkative.
“So you are so talkative. When I have nothing to do in the future, I will come and chat with you.” The Sword Fairy circled around it and decided for it happily.
At this moment, after eavesdropping for a long time, the mobile phone strange object floated out on its own.
“What, why are you here?!” The health-preserving furnace made a thud. He was even more surprised than when he saw Wang Xuan, and the furnace body made a slight trembling sound.
What’s going on? Everyone and everything present were stunned.
The health stove vibrated.
Wang Xuan’s heart was beating wildly. What is the origin of the strange mobile phone?
“The thing from the mother universe?” Jiang Qingyao was stunned.
Looking at this mobile phone with a sense of age, it is full of memories. She was using this phone in the last few months of her extraordinary decadence.
Obviously, the three people have different understandings.
“It’s okay, this is my mobile phone.” Wang Xuan said, downplaying the impact.
/He could tell Sword Fairy, but he wanted to fool him in front of the health stove first.
After all, it is now a prohibited item in Chongxiao Palace, so it is better to avoid so