Dojo, he even traveled across dozens of star fields to hit people. In the end, he couldn’t escape?

Qingkong glared at him and said, “What’s that look in your eyes and that expression on your face? You have an opportunity that no one else can ask for, so why do you seem reluctant to come here?”
Luo Ying and Great Elder Qing Cang were both speechless. After the Second Great King passed, wouldn’t he want to go to a place outside the world?
/Wang Xuan was in a dilemma and said: “I can’t let go of the Black Peacock Holy Mountain, I can’t let go of the elders, and I can’t let go of those brothers.”
/“You kid, haven’t you made a serious mistake? Are you afraid of entering a foreign land?” Qing Cang, the elder, suspected.
“No.” Wang Xuan quickly shook his head and said: “I’m used to freedom, and I’m afraid of getting into trouble there. As you know, I have a very bad temper and can’t control it at all. I’m afraid that if I’m not careful, I’ll get into trouble with the people from the True Saint Dojo. There was a conflict between my daughter-in-law and my son-in-law, so it was okay for them to beat me up. However, if I beat them all up, the consequences would be huge. I didn’t strike lightly or harshly, and I could cause a huge mess if I wasn’t careful. disaster.”
Luo Ying, the most beautiful immortal in the Black Peacock Holy Mountain, was stunned. He hadn’t even gone yet, but he was already thinking about how he could beat the legitimate son and daughter of the True Saint Dojo.
Elder Qingcang also quickly touched his chest with his hand, looking like he couldn’t bear the stimulation, and said: “Boy, you are making me feel uneasy now. Are you giving me vaccinations in advance?” Do you really want to go in and provoke a group of people?!”
“Do you really don’t want to go in?” Elder Qingkong asked looking into his eyes.
Wang Xuan said: “I am used to freedom, and I do have difficulties. I don’t want to enter that kind of supreme place. Moreover, my path of cultivation is in the world of mortals. In this world, I need to fight life and death and keep tempering. It is not suitable to enter the ethereal pure land separated from the real world. ”
Qingkong said: “Do you think that the outside world is peaceful, a pure land of tranquility? You are wrong to think that way. The requirements for disciples there are stricter than anywhere else, and everyone has to go through hell-like training, all the way. After crawling out of the mountain of corpses and the sea of ??blood, and being thrown into a catastrophic land, a limited number of people can come out of the bloody land alive. Of course, I am talking about people who have been specially trained. As for those who have been trained too early Those who have been abandoned do live a comfortable life and can just keep them. If no outstanding descendant rises up within a few generations, the memory related to the place outside the world will be erased and thrown into the world of mortals. From then on, they will live a completely different life. An ordinary life.”
Wang Xuan wa