Qi Miao said: “With the chaos of time and space, anything is possible. It may be a product of the Old Saint Era, or it may be a dream from the future. There is no need to pursue it. This kind of place is very strange.”
/Wang Xuan and the others entered a future city, but it blurred like a bubble, instantly fading from the present world and disappearing before their eyes.
It was like quicksand, or like the mottled stream of light, pouring from their fingertips and around them.
/The next moment, they came to an ancient town. This place was more real and had not collapsed for the time being. All buildings and landscapes were real objects.
The whole town was very quiet, there was no one around, they entered a courtyard, the boiling water was still boiling, and the freshly brewed tea still had a delicate fragrance.
There was even a lingering warmth on the chair. It seemed that the owner had just stood up and left, but when he searched here, he couldn’t see anyone.
The group of people were calm and took no surprises until they encountered a well in the town, which made their hearts tremble. Around the ancient well, the stone walls were polished smooth, and the golden liquid gurgling from it was no ordinary spiritual spring.
“Everything must turn to its extreme. Is this the essence of being entangled with the Earthly Evil?” Cai Wei said, with green hair and green eyes. She was moved by her tranquility. This is a valuable rare thing, and they can all use it. Body training, bone tempering, etc.
“Let me give it a try.” Hong Teng strode over, grabbed a handful of golden marrow liquid, smelled it first, and then applied it on his body. He felt pain and happiness all at once, and shouted: “It is indeed a special substance bred in the earth evil spirit. , a divine power that can help people refine their bodies.”
As soon as he said this, the well glowed, like a monster opening its mouth and almost swallowing him.
Fortunately, he reacted quickly. The rules of immortality in his body surged, and he punched through the light barrier constructed of golden ripples, and rushed out of the well mouth.
“A living thing? No, it’s the transformed marrow. What a good thing. You can dig its roots directly. Look, this well looks like a living thing.”
The divine marrow associated with the Earthly Demon has taken shape. The well, as a whole, has taken the form of a bone block, containing golden marrow.
“Take it!” An Hong was the most attentive and went to help Hong Teng. This rare item was of very high value and could meet their needs. It could also be sold to help him pay off his debts.
The two of them refined the ancient well together, and it took the form of a real bone.
Qi Miao said: “There is a legend that the marrow associated with the earthly evil is actually the marrow left by a certain top creature. The earthly evil is a harmful substance, and the marrow is the remaining vitality. Especially those that are transformed and have the form of bones, large Probability is some kind of real bone.”
The ancient well sh