me situations, that kind of thinking The feeling of falling into someone’s arms was too hard to control.

“Sit down.” An Nuan suddenly ordered Liu Changan loudly.
“Then me”
“Stop talking nonsense!” An Nuan said quickly, fearing that Liu Chang would start talking nonsense again, and then she would lose all her courage for a moment.
Liu Changan had no choice but to sit next to An Nuan. An Nuan bit her lip and leaned on Liu Changan’s shoulder. She closed her eyes and said, “I feel pain in my lower back. This will make it more comfortable.”
Liu Changan put his arm around her shoulders.
An Nuan was motionless, her heartbeat was thundering, she turned her head sideways, her face was like a little animal hiding in the grass, she made a small crackling sound when she moved her body, rubbing against Liu Changan’s shoulder, and quickly glanced at him, their eyes touching. , and quickly moved away.
It’s a pity that Liu Chang’an never made any extra moves. He just hugged An Nuan quietly, and the two of them sat on the bench on the third floor of the crowded pedestrian street for a long time.
An Nuan’s body was soft and fragrant. Liu Changan took a deep breath. There are stories about being with you in “A Thousand Reasons for Being Late in High School.” It’s really good.
/Both of them were late in the afternoon, because when they rushed to school, Father-in-law Sun was blushing and almost approaching Lushan.
Bai Hui and Lu Yuan just lamented the deterioration of the world because when his father went to the hotel, he actually saw a neighbor’s child checking out a room. Qian Ning suspected that Lu Yuan’s father usually went to high-end hotels, while the children usually stayed in express hotels. Hotel, then why did Lu Yuan’s father suddenly go to the express hotel?
As cousins, fighting is common. When the two of them yelled and left the classroom, Liu Changan and An Nuan came back.
An Nuan was different from usual. Bai Hui remembered that usually after Liu Changan sat down, as long as she leaned over to talk to Liu Changan, An Nuan’s eyes would always glance behind him intentionally or unintentionally, but not today.
“What are you doing?” Bai Hui asked casually, and then he checked a little closer to Liu Changan than usual. He found that An Nuan didn’t even look over, which made Bai Hui feel that An Nuan and Liu Changan were not there today. Maybe something happened.
Bai Hui was not the kind of girl who always liked to talk close to boys, but Liu Changan had an indescribable aura about her that always made people feel comfortable, so she often felt a little unconscious.
“I sat on the third floor of Xianjia Pedestrian Street for a while.”
Sitting for a while, all afternoon? Since Liu Changan lied, it meant that they had done something else, and it was not appropriate to tell others.
So what were you doing? Have Liu Changan and An Nuan really started doing the things that men and women in love would do?
Bai Hui just heard the information about booking a room, so of course she would think about this. Aren’t the hourl