oing to twitch and refine a belt.

As the rumbling sound resounded, thousands of majestic and magnificent fairy mountains disappeared, turning into sand and dust, disappearing cleanly with the stream of light.
This means that all the strange objects, those chess pieces, have fallen into the hands of different teams.
The important land of the Immortal Family, after the majestic mountains disappeared, suddenly became extremely open and unobstructed.
/There are a total of eleven teams in this place, most of them stained with blood. There were more original camps, some of which were crippled and forced to leave behind their chess pieces.
Several teams were completely wiped out, leaving blood and bones all over the ground, unable to leave.
“Everyone, how about we study the scriptures together? Gather the chess pieces together. Otherwise, if we continue killing like this, we don’t know how many people will die.” A beautiful woman in white clothes spoke. She was the leader of a team.
“But, I prefer to be exclusive. Even if I can’t really clear the place in the end, I still have to get rid of some people who are just pretending to be here, right?”
A man in the sky spoke. He was filled with strong radiant energy, and his practice system was a bit scary, making the opponents around him frown.
In fact, all the members of the team behind him were like this, with strong radiation and abnormal immortal energy.
Yanque said: “He is probably from the Luofu Star Territory. Many of the practitioners there are on the path of devouring strange objects. There are a large number of fairy mines in that star territory, which produce violent but extremely high energy levels. Immortal crystal has strong radiation, which causes various abnormalities in the extraordinary people there, but overall it is indeed very strong.”
In the sky, the man’s perception was extremely sharp. He glanced this way, then pressed down with a slap, and said: “Let’s see if you are qualified to stay first.”
Yanque and the others did not resist, they disappeared from the spot and avoided the big hand.
With a bang, a huge canyon appeared on the spot, or the Five Finger Abyss. It was in the shape of a person’s palm. A large handprint more than a hundred miles long appeared in the vast land and collapsed into the depths of the earth.
At this time, the mutated two-headed man and the paper girl gave up and stopped fighting.
Because the nearby environment changed, brilliant textures emerged on the edges, spread quickly, and then criss-crossed the entire Immortal Family land.
The entire empty dojo turned into a huge chessboard!
Then, heavy fog filled the air, and the place suddenly became blurry. Even those with divine eyes gradually lost sight of their opponents.
At this time, the vague sound of scriptures sounded, lingering in the chessboard.
“A copy of the Secret Book of Royal Daohua will be obtained by those who are destined to do so.” This is an obscure fluctuation, a mark left by an unknown age, informing that the scripture is about to appear.
“Haha, ok