?broken star debris, passing through it at extremely high speeds.

Obviously, there are no living planets in this area, but there are extraordinary beings physically crossing the universe. This star road is not desolate.
This is interesting. In the deep sky where there should be no people, we can see extraordinary people rushing from time to time. Wang Xuan sighed, it is indeed the extraordinary central world.
I remember that there was a period of time when he was alone in a spaceship seeking enlightenment in the mother universe. He could not see a ghost for several years, which resulted in him being silent all year round and having no one to talk to.
/swish swish
Ahead, there were more and more creatures. In less than half an hour, he saw dozens of extraordinary beings passing by on their divine lights, each going on their way.
In this area, there are still no new stars of life appearing, but there are more and more extraordinary beings.
Wang Xuan even saw several large spaceships, including technological ships and pure mythical spaceships, mixed together. He speculated that there should be a monk stronghold nearby.
A ferocious beast that looked like a wolverine swished over and glanced back at Wang Xuan, saying: “Brother, you are so slow. If you go too late, the soup will be gone.”
Of course, in the cosmic sea of ????stars, all communications between different planets and different races are actually spiritual transmissions.
Wang Xuan immediately followed it and ran wildly under the starry sky with it, saying: “Brother Dao, is there anything big this time?”
Although he didn’t know the situation, his words were broad, so there shouldn’t be any problem if he asked for information and clichés like this.
“A lot of good things have been unearthed this time. If we get there too late, no one will probably pick them all out, so hurry up.” Wu Xingtian said. It looked like a wolverine, but said that its bloodline was that of a black peacock.
Wang Xuan looked at it speechless and wanted to ask, are you serious? No matter how you look at it, it’s a wolverine.
“My main bloodline is being purified. Didn’t you see the two bulges on my back? The bloodline will change soon and the black peacock wings will be displayed.” Wu Xingtian gestured to look at it while running. The back is indeed slightly ridged, but it will probably take some years before wings can grow.
Wu Xingtian, who looks like a wolverine but calls himself the Black Peacock, has extraordinary strength and is a fairy-level creature. He chatted with Wang Xuan all the time.
In this starry sky, there is a large area of ????meteorite clusters. Various casual cultivators, wild cultivators, creatures with unknown origins, and even murderous people who have obviously escaped here are all exchanging rare items and other items here.
Over time, this place has become a very famous black market, with various characters and people from all walks of life coming here every month.
This is the junction of the Pingtian Star Territory, the Golden Horn Star Territory, and