of the core wizard, the future leader.

“Brother Qin, let’s go to Tianshang Human World. Ling Xuan is here. I’ll wait for friends to have a drink.” Su Tong said with a smile. He was originally enjoying tea and now asked Wang Xuan to go with him.
Now, Wang Xuan’s pseudonym is Qin Cheng, and he misses his best brother a little, so he uses his name here to remind himself not to forget.
In Tianshang Renjian, the talkative guy was beaten up as expected. In order to attract business, this extraordinary person often made trouble with Xiao Lingxuan recently.
As a result, he was benevolent and received benevolence. Fairy Lingxuan, a prodigy from Zixiao Palace, the top university, came. Apparently she had heard about it. She hung him on the Qiong Tower and Yuyu, beat him violently, and refused to order anyone. put it down.
Soon after, Fairy Lingxuan was apologized by the people here. It was a two-thousand-year-old brand with a huge business. Fengyue was just an embellishment. It mainly engaged in the business of medicinal herbs and secret treasures.
/She got a beautiful and beautiful flower, finally relieved her a little bit, and was invited to the elegant room of Jiuchongtian.
Su Tong and Wang Xuan came. They got together like this and drank and talked. Wang Xuan felt strange in his heart. If that monkey came too, it would be complete.
“Brother Qin, have we met before? Why do I feel like we have seen each other before?” Fairy Lingxuan asked.
Wang Xuan was surprised. Even the aura of his soul had changed. The other party still had certain instinctive doubts. It was indeed impressive, and his foundation and potential were very impressive.
He silently recalled that more than a year ago, he punched her five times and kicked her twice. There was something mysterious about this. Has it been remembered?
Su Tong smiled and nodded, agreeing: “Yes, Brother Qin and I also hit it off. This is indeed some kind of fate.”
Wang Xuan also smiled and said: “I am fortunate enough to meet the future leader of the top sect, a genius, and we feel like old friends at the first sight. It is an indescribable fate.”
Having said this, he raised his glasses to Su Tong and Ling Xuan.
Ling Xuan smiled and didn’t think much about it. A person who was so valued by her friend Su Tong was absolutely extraordinary. There was a lotus pond in the private room, shaded by a strange sacred tree. In the beautiful scenery, she was like a banished fairy.
Amidst the crisp clatter of the jade cup, the green wine sloshed, very viscous, fragrant, and created a soft light and shadow scene, making the three of them blurry.
“Wizard, future leader, don’t mention this again next time.” Su Tong reminded.
Ling Xuan also nodded and said: “The universe is vast, and there are many gods and men in the sky. Although we are somewhat famous in this cave world, it is far from enough compared with the legendary figures.”
This is the “nine heavens” of heaven and earth. All you see is the atmosphere of the immortal family. The ground in the elegant room is filled wit