er who could endure loneliness. In the era when he lost his extraordinary, he only walked on the road, constantly moving forward in the boring and dark universe, passing through wormholes. , traveled through dangerous places and visited many living planets.

Time flies, and two years have passed in a flash!
Over the past two years, many people have come to the old land, but they all came and went in a hurry. Wang Xuan was not seen, and he lost contact.
There were peerless immortals from the past and gods from the immortal land. They were all very polite and visited Aoki’s manor, but they were all disappointed.
Rising Star, Yong’an City.
“Zhao Zhao, you finally met Wang Xuan two years ago, but now you have lost contact with him and there is still no news?” Wu Yin asked. She had been to the old land, but unfortunately he had already traveled far away by then.
“No more news.” Zhao Qinghan shook her head and stood in front of the window on the top floor. This was her office area, overlooking most of the city.
“That’s too much. I left as soon as I woke up and haven’t seen him for five years,” Wu Yin said.
Next to him, the little fox was sitting on Zhao Qinghan’s exclusive seat, dangling a pair of fox legs, eating dried meat from the packaging bag with relish. At the same time, he blinked his big eyes and nodded, and barked twice, as if he was also saying: Too much.
“How long have you known him?” Wu Yin asked.
“Four years in college, one year at the end of the extraordinary period, five years after the end of the extraordinary period, it has actually been ten years.” Zhao Qinghan smoothed her hair, turned around and said.
Traveling alone can be a bit quiet. Sometimes for dozens of days or even months, Wang Xuan will not say a word, crossing the dark sky.
After leaving the “Swamp Star” and bidding farewell to the leader of the Mud Tribe, he traveled far away again. He saw all kinds of strange things along the way, and the universe was so vast that it had no end.
In the past two years, he has encountered various groups of creatures. Some are hospitable, while others are eager to hunt him when he meets them. It is an eye-opener for him to stop and go.
“Time flies. If a person cannot make a leap in the essence of life and evolve to a higher level in this life, there will really not be enough time.” Wang Xuan said to himself.
For two years, he has been visiting according to the coordinates of living planets recorded in the database of the spacecraft controlled by Mechanical Bear. Even so, he has missed many places.
/The universe is too big, and a person cannot explore it to the end in his lifetime. Even if he masters many coordinates, how far can he go? Just started.
Two days later, he arrived at another place. Looking around, he saw that the entire planet was full of volcanoes, with thick smoke billowing and lava spewing out from time to time.
“This place is not suitable for human habitation. There is not much vegetation and a large area of ??active volcanoes. Are there really dragons here?” When the spacecraft