level ‘deceleration epee’ in his hand. He accelerated towards the extraordinary person, and at the same time activated the ‘deceleration epee’ With the ‘slowing down’ effect, a white light flew towards the extraordinary person.

He now has no reservations and uses all the abilities he can use.
At a distance of twenty meters, when David flew close to Chaofan, Chaofan also woke up. The ‘deceleration’ effect of the ‘deceleration epee’ could not help but slow down Chaofan’s movements.
A cold light flashed in David’s eyes, and he pierced the extraordinary heart with his sword. The extraordinary person died instantly, and then the extraordinary body was caught in David’s hands.
/David dipped his hand into Chaofan’s own blood and drew a strange pattern on Chaofan’s brow. He used his spirit to draw the ‘Corpse Controlling Pattern’ again. This time he made the ‘Corpse Controlling Pattern’ appear here. There is no light exposed in the extraordinary brain.
Because time was urgent, David’s movements were unexpectedly fast. He completed the process of ‘corpse control’ in almost one second.
David didn’t have time to check whether he could successfully create an extraordinary puppet under such a fast premise.
He had no time left, and the remaining seven extraordinary people were all in a panic. They quickly woke up and surrounded David again. The deaths of their three companions made them extremely angry.
But they heard the order from Metcalf’s staff not to harm David’s life. This request made them very frustrated.
From the beginning of the battle to now, David has been fine, but they have lost three extraordinary people, and the superiors want them to keep their hands.
/“Let’s attack together, pay close attention, and seriously injure him!” A transcendent said in a deep voice.
The seven extraordinary men waved their weapons in unison and pressed toward David. They had the advantage of speed, and David could not get rid of them.
This time they were more careful, taking care of each other and not letting David get a chance.
David also looked at the seven extraordinary people around him, with helplessness on his face behind the visor.
He has used seven or eight of the abilities he can use now. At this time, even taking out a fifth-level ax blade will not increase his chances of winning much.
David also discovered that the enemy seemed to want to capture him alive. At this time, they did not attack him with all their strength, but used a forcing method to squeeze his living space bit by bit.
So he would rather die than hand the fifth-level ax blade into the hands of these people.
David knew very well that even though he had killed three extraordinary beings in a row, as long as the remaining extraordinary beings attacked him at the same time, he could not stop their attacks.
David’s advantage is not fighting in space. His advantage is sniping and assassination. Sniping requires a long distance to complete, while assassination requires surprise.
Looking at the seven extraordinary beings getting closer and closer, David